Saturday, December 18, 2004

Another Maui Artists Showcase + Music with sis

Getting another artists showcase together. I was in Lahaina today visiting with Stef, David and Family. We went on a whale watch... everyone was sitting neatly in chairs. I had to stand becuase of my back. Stef's mother said sit down, the other people want to see. I said I could care less. let them look in the other 359 degrees. It might have been a bit abrupt and rude even, but I've learned to take care of myself and my needs. I had to stand up. I told her that - and she was cool.

And so were the first whales of the season. Wow. we spotted several pods. But the highlight was the Dolphins! fantastic how they came right up along side the boat and swam with us.... i took some movies.


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