Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hiroshima Day Aug 6th - Maui Peace Celebration

I was asked to play keyboards for a dance and song that the group gathering to honor those that gave their lives for peace, would perform. I realized I was going to a peace gathering. Though I have been happy to have a break from KidCast, I saw the opportunity and need to find volunteers and stimulate interest in my work.

I wrote out a intro for Kachina to read, instead she introduced me and let me say a few words. When I arrived, I was greeted by Chuck I think his name was. At first he was hesitant to let me hang the KCFP banner, but then after checking with the director of the gathering, he offered to help me hang it. That was really nice of him!

I did have to protest upon his first rebuttal to my request. It wasn't his event so he was right on about not letting me put up the banner without clearance. I had to bring up the fact (to get to the next negotiating point person) that I was a peace worker too, and we are on the same team. That I have tried to bring my work to the attention of this group before and have been constantly rejected as having something viable, loving and meaningful to share by way of collaboration. Such is Maui it seems.

If this were not the case, IMHO, we would be allied in some way. So I was strongly intent on getting the banner up to demonstrate what V.A.R.I.O.U.S. was up to here on Maui; as another voice for PEACE. Here is an image of the gathering.

Maui Peace Gathering Honoring Hiroshima DaySee more of my photos. Please make a comment!

After I addressed those gathered, I wished I had spoken about how the world is now able to make its voice heard directly through podcasting and vodcasting. That its every persons' responsibility to make their voice heard in this way - rather than via electing government officials who speak for us. YEAH, Right... like stagnant water is fit to drink? I don't think so. I don't want the clowns in office raising my children. i.e., the children of this world.

Did you see the great suggestion by Rick Barbuto, Esq. interviewed for KidCast for Peace 14 on Sept 21, 2004 by Peter Rosen in NYC - at the 11 Days event? He speaks about what we should do to transform organizations locally first! The result will have global impact. Check it out.