Friday, August 07, 2009

A Bit Of Progress - First Baby Steps in Quite A While

Just to keep you up to date. A new art lover and I have been meeting
(along with a lovely lady) with the idea of re-establishing VMI as
location based entertainment to serve two industries. I bet you can
guess which!

There are new ways of doing business these days. A question one must
ask themselves is, "what is the business that most people know they
want to transact?," i.e. eating out, buying a recording, processing
images, etc. -- but what about the business, of giving them what they
need - whether or not they know it?!

How to find out what one really needs is after all at the crux of all
we do. What will make me happy if I'm not and what will fill
whatever need it happens to be at any given time? Answering those
questions for audience members (and having them get their own
authentic answers) becomes the "game of the show." How do we craft
the show and use the artists who've been curated to best advantage to
this end: PRONOIA.

How does one processes and engage audience members sufficiently, to
allow them to reveal (to themselves) their weakness or lack, in a way
that will educate, entertain (while not embarrassing them) and give
them permission to let us know that need -- so C3VoS can attend to
their need by connecting them with someone already present in the
room, or then certainly then through the Internet and/or other
membership/community resources.

I believe transformation is a process. The audience must be subtlety
guided into interactivity and liberation from their natural reserve
when presented with some experience that while attractive enough to
draw them in, has really not revealed now the show will unfold. So
there is a natural tension in the room. A controllable tension that
actually helps us sell the product. Creativity and Art... Freedom of
expression. In fact who here needs a good yell!? Let's let some of
the day's tension go. I'd like you to follow me and say something
simple as loud and creatively as you can, something like "I LOVE
MAUI!" Just keep saying it and use different voices... etc.

Normally, an audience will be guarded and hushed. Only a few
boisterous, brave or unabashed people would be interacting before the
curtain. People get especially timid when asked to respond to the
MC's probing questions or requests, i.e. Can I have six volunteers
for a fun experience? Much easier is "who here is from Maui, can you
raise your hands?" ok so now we have a bit of physical loosening - as
we continue to work the crowd to lighten things up.

We want to stimulate more of the give and flow, both in thought and
body which in itself will go a long way towards making the event more
memorable. This liberation from reserve becomes the first objective/
challenge in the first layer of the show, i.e working the room.

It helps to set an example of silliness. This releases the audience
from their expectations and careful, tentative responsiveness. We
give them permission to let go of any idea they will be judged for
whatever their response. This is where the yes, no game comes in

I like to tell a very personal story everyone can relate too. I tell
the story of Niki Nemerouff who taught "the stroke workshop" about
conditional vs unconditional love. Can anyone tell me the difference?
[It would take a really brave person to respond to this one, but you
never know]. And so continues to process of drawing the audience in.

Everyone wants to laugh and have fun. The more the audience can be
tickled up front, the easier it will be during the VMI event to
encourage, engage and cause interaction with the featured visionary

I can't tell you how good it feels to have someone with a great
business background take an interest in this work. Thank You Thank
You Thank You!


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