Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Free PodGuides Multimedia Travel Guides - The Production Application That Make them is free also

Check it out! I would imagine this application along with proper
marketing to travel writers and photographers, would kick off a craze
- given its now 2 years after the software's author last updated his
web site; and iPhones and iPod devices have exploded in usage. Check
out PodGuides, and companion PodGuide maker: http://podguides.net/
to download these FREE, cool audio-image travel guides for your
iDevice (that come with PDF versions).

Here is a map of locations where people like you and me have posted
guides. Its hard to believe how many people have created these
things! There must be a reason for it? What do you think the reason
is: http://bit.ly/SqMNK

Aloha, MauiMacMan


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