Tuesday, June 23, 2009

START MOBILE launches Mobile Art Galleries – Art For Your iPhone

San Francisco, CA – START MOBILE, the mobile art company, today announced the launch of sixteen mobile art galleries for the iPhone, featuring curated art wallpapers from some of the world’s premier emerging and underground artists. START MOBILE wallpaper galleries for the iPhone are now available via the Apple App Store, and featured artists include Justin Bua, Ricky Powell, Shepard Fairey, Sugarluxe, Drew Brophy, Mark Wasyl, Kelly Towles, Tricia Choi, Felix LaFlamme, and Luke Feldman.
“The iPhone represents a new modality for the discovery, ownership, and appreciation of digital art, and creates a new mechanism for artists and designers globally to monetize their talents,” observed artist Chandra Michaels, the creator of the Sugarluxe iPhone Gallery. “This truly is New Art for a New Medium.”
The Days Of Paying $1.99 For A Single Clip-Art Mobile Wallpaper Are Over
“Over the last five years, mobile consumers globally have purchased billions of wallpapers to personalize their mobile devices,” according to John Doffing, the founder of START MOBILE. “With the launch of our first artist wallpaper galleries for the iPhone, mobile consumers are able to get decidedly More compelling content – for Half the typical retail price of a single static wallpaper.”
START MOBILE iPhone Galleries each feature a bundled collection of curated artist wallpapers, delivered as 99¢ iPhone applications. “Rather than clip-art wallpapers of sports cars and bikini models, START MOBILE is bringing curated collections of New Art at a New Price to iPhone users around the world,” observed Christina Samala, START MOBILE’s Creative Director. “We are using technology to bring art directly to the people, inspired by what Maxfield Parrish did a century ago using what was then the cutting-edge technology of mass reproduction.”
START MOBILE art galleries for the iPhone feature exclusive images created by the world’s premier emerging and underground artists, delivered as mobile wallpapers directly to the picture library of the iPhone. All the mobile art wallpapers are optimized for display on the iPhone, and all the images included in the gallery can be ‘flipped’ to reveal additional information about the respective artists. “If you are in a real-world art gallery or museum and you see something special, you can learn more about it by reading the placard,” observed Doffing. “We attempted to emulate this experience within the context of our mobile art galleries for the iPhone.”
START MOBILE galleries for the iPhone also include a unique Picture Frame feature. Simply tap the Play icon on the toolbar, and the iPhone is transformed into a digital picture frame which cycles through every image in the gallery at five-second intervals. The START MOBILE Picture Frame over-rides the auto-lock setting so you can enjoy an arty slideshow while the iPhone is docked and charging.
Mobile Coupons?
The final screen in many of the START MOBILE Wallpaper Galleries can be ‘flipped’ to reveal a Mobile Coupon for a special discount code on Big Wall Graphics from START Moving Pictures. “With our iPhone Mobile Coupons, we are attempting to connect ‘virtual goods’ with real-world art,” according to John Doffing, the founder of START MOBILE. “Several of our first iPhone artist galleries include a ‘mobile coupon’ which provides a discount code on ‘real art’ from the same artist featured in the mobile gallery.” Future START MOBILE applications for the iPhone will feature exclusive mobile wallpaper galleries from the world’s leading artists and brands.
START MOBILEBig Wall GraphicsDownload and Purchase
START MOBILE is committed to a vision of Art For Everyone & Art For Everywhere. START MOBILE has been bringing New Art to mobile devices globally since 2005. Copyright 2005-2009 START MOBILE. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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