Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Since 1980, the events I/we have produced, and the prototype installations of Creativity Cafe at trade shows, conferences, expositions, etc. have met with unqualified success.  But, in my attempts at fund raising, I've discovered that the average investor can't wrap his mind around something bigger than a bread-box and based on future realities.  The future is here now!  

Perhaps you'd like to be partners in a venue - for deployment in every community, where denizens can meet to practice PRONOIA: ;  via the grounding of a social networking day-night club to assist with transformation of our Spaceship Earth?

Members of V.A.R.I.O.U.S. have been implementing prototypes of such a venue and its venue operating system since the earliest days.  I thought some of you might like to join us?  

The ultimate aim of the club and associated venues, web sites, etc, are to help with healing, marketing of talent-products-services of audience members, and propel all people toward a world of love, prosperity and peace for all beings.

Significant shifts need to be made on planet Earth for that to happen. The way I see it, its up to the creative people of our world to birth the new ideas that need to be implanted into the mass mind.  

This can most easily be accomplished by physical edutainment centers like Creativity Cafe in every neighborhood, and the data streams of mentoring edutainments that can help to reprogram humanity to see their own true and limitless potential for doing good, being of service and operating effectively on spaceship Earth.

I'd sure like to find others on the same page with whom to share my work, love, passion, art and media all directed toward these aims. Are you with me?  I have a schematic of the club if you'd be interested to see an iconic representation?

I have posted this question on an interesting social network on Ning:

BTW, Marc in Germany and I are working behind the scenes upgrading CREATIVITY.COM . If you would like to be on the re-development team, please let us know! We want to make the site so it can be of service and be profitable economically to all who participate in the site.