Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fwd: Variously and Collaborative Systems foundational to CCafe-LA (and elsewhere)

Hi Greg,

Indeed, your POV would be that of a writer. Always, brainstorming is a good idea. I was up all night again myself working on my music. Then had a meeting with Chris to get him up to iChat speed (Mac IM client) just after my head hit the pillow to grab some winks. I was glad he called.

For me, learning the technology (i.e. distribution systems) allows for my freedom of expression to the masses. Viewing myself as a writer (for that and a poster or two has seeded CCafe and propelled it for all these years), and my technological obsession (a blessing and a curse), I find my creative self delighted at the potential to share my expressions widely and meet others on similar paths.

As always the next step is to provide a physical venue where facilitated networking via C3OS and people practicing pronoia are key foundational elements; as are and are demonstrated and spoken about in V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink; Visionary Artists Showcase and Networking Events, the catalyst to seeding-attracting a CCafe founders team in any given community. VMI is the practice, process and platform for gaining momentum, breaking thru the noise floor (boy does the web help here) and grounding the vision.

I also maintain the POV OF A CORPORATE EXECUTIVE BIRTHING INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS IN A GROWING WORLD THAT IS BEYOND THE COMPREHENSION of most of us! The venue of course is Creativity Cafe for those edges at the intersection of Art, Science, Spirituality, Society, Personal Growth, Edutainment and Human Growth-Expression Potential. These are the new awareness folks whom I hope will call CCafe their stomping grounds and point of progress toward our mutual goals.
I am adding this communication (hence the hidden identities) to our CCafe Blog: Where you are
Please continue the discussion here as a comment and/or in our Google Blog for the same reason (to fill the others in and attract THEIR/YOUR brainstorming): creativitycafe

What's the difference in these two blogs, hmmmmm??? I'm not sure, I tend to login and leave CC "droppings" cyber-pheromones (i.e. blogs, groups, social network sites in audio and video networks, etc. everywhere I can) to maintain branding, cross-linking, audience testing, community acquisition, CCafe support system, broadcast, communications and marketing roles.

A Hui Ho,

PS: Even for writers these systems mentioned below are very useful if you want to promote your words and ideas and find community receptive to them. Do you know about Amazon's personal publishing space:? Their Digital Text Platform Digital Text Platform; a fast and easy self-publishing tool that lets you upload and format your books for sale in the Kindle Store: Cool.

Thanks for your clarifications scattered about the e-mail below. Yes, if I were an event producer or visual-music artist, I suppose I'd see this activity differently. But I see it instead as a writer. For me, the intricate and intense technology-embedded nature of all this becomes a case of medium overwhelming content. It's a good idea to remember, I think, that everyone else has access to all of this stuff too. In a world where time and attention are the commodities in shortest supply -- and not technology or content -- it just looks too easy to get enveloped in a universe of one's own making, and of technology-for-technology's sake -- and in general danger of becoming the largest part of one's own audience.
The key (IMHO) is what is a unique and valuable experience/content/meaning for others? The plan to make "VMI ... a mainstream "reality" program of a different (and highly interactive kind)" is a good one if unique and cool content gets produced. Brainstorming is good!!
Variously crazy and sleep-deprived (but productive, I hope)
For now, Good Morning and Good Luck.

Re: Reason: Membership in Multiple Sites

support V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media INK MarComm-Distribution-Participation
Good Question Chris.
Gmail: gives us access to marketing tools, analytics, maps and calendars etc, that are widely accepted and parts of social networking sites/channels already. I also thought you might set up a filter so all your gmail - which I suggest (for now) be only used for our collaboration - would automatically be channeled to a folder separate from your regular mail; so as not to interfere with what you've already got going.

Skype: allows for cross platform face to face video conferencing (one to one) and multiplatform audio conf with up to 12 nodes. Plus we can record interactions with artists, educators, mentors, etc for later podcasting. (Together with audio hijack, skype is THE audio podcast solution).

Stickam: Video Chat (with audio) with up to 12 people that ties into social networking sites and widgets to "carry our signal" on any web page we choose with live feeds and chat. A large established content engine and global glue.

Ustream: Allows for coProduction from any number of co-hosts from anywhere and switching of co-hosts into a live video stream that can be recorded. Whats nice is each recording is left with its own blog page! Perfect for iTunes (automatically encoded) subscription of our live shows (and recorded archives)

Mogulus: This takes Ustream a step further. It allows uploads of clips from the Net, Youtube and or your Hard Drive. Live broadcasts can be recorded with lower third branding, bulletin crawl, bug branding and specialty cards you can control live while braodcasting. The stream is embeddable in multiple web pages, each sporting live chat (text only). The recordings can be assigned to any number of playlist's and set on autopilot unless you "go live." Its what consumers are used to seeing on television.

BTW, COST??? Not a penny! The idea is to MAKE MONEY!! Have you tried working with Google AdSense? I am just beginning to try to Grok it. I envision VMI to be a mainstream "reality" program of a different (and highly interactive kind). Exactly how is open to brainstorming though I'm beginning to get ideas.

I'll see what I can do when I've cleared away more of the stuff I'm trying to push forward/complete/etc..