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Re: Dome Structure - Creativity Cafe Venue Operating System

Aloha Friends,

Here is my two cents:

On Mar 17, 2008, at 3:25 AM, Lynn Crandall wrote:
Peter and Greg, this was the next Peter message I opened up!. I sent it on to Lee and Ken, who're both creative. I have no idea what this thing looks like, but another guy I knew, Shank Mason used to talk about using a dome for rap concerts, so the idea leapt into my mind to send this on. And, Peter, you've just illustrated my point. Everyone wants someone else to be the "steward" for their creations. Everyone wants to lay the egg, then let Horton sit on it in the tree until it hatches, then come back and have the project love and support them.

AND, that is JUST WHAT Creativity Cafe (and those practicing PRONOIA in/out of it) is being designed to deliver!!!! Creative people lay the eggs, and the rest is up the the CyberSwat Teams of Creativity Cafe.

To provide more clarity on the function and operation of Creativity Cafe: and what I think about nurturing our brave new world (we're building) given Lynn's interjection please read on.

Since the dome post started this, I have copied David Clark who is on the threshold of implementation of his dome dreams and design projects (http://www.lightdancer.net/) that are rip for CCafe collaboration. I was graced with a demo of what they are up to:

which dovetails perfectly with Creativity Cafe's envisioned interactive dome projection system featuring projected and malleable audience interactivity like this:

Picture Creativity Cafe as a mechanism for creating passive income streams for all creative souls and their support teams (creativity.com is reserved for that).

Creative people play, those who need relief, pay --- and even they who are needing to be healed; get paid in the process! Fantastic! It can be done now, its just a question of time, organization and money to kick start things. Just think about the success of the home shopping network (from an edutainment POV), consider the consistant needs of creative people, and you just might catch a glimpse of what I've seen so clearly for so many years? The times are ripe and getting riper given our media connected world.
The numbers look very good for audience members and those "presenting" to be making money doing what they love, their passion and collaborations along with CCafe's VENUE OPERATING SYSTEM and certain intellectual properties, will supply "product" where there is great demand, i.e. people wanting to get out of pain or out of debt -- and will pay royalties for life to "the band of edutainers" and support systems. This is what CREATIVITY.COM is being reserved for. I am looking for co-developers with this all in mind should you know of anyone?

This is a very normal human desire, but it isn't the way nature works. We must follow King Solomon's teachings and realize that we create a bit,then pass the project, nurture a bit, then pass it on until, together, we've change managed and developed the thing we gave birth to into a sustainable entity that can actually sustain us as long as we regularly maintain it.

Nature can now be aided as we are well aware, to produce results on an accelerated time table. We need solutions to personal and planetary issues fast. CCafe OS is being designed to capitalize on the needs of our communities by supplying solutions, mentoring, edutainment and most importantly, facilitated networking in a collaborative environment (i.e. automatically connecting those with needs to needed resources in mutually beneficial ways). You might want to research a group out of LA that has a great model for this, its called FREE FOR ALL.

It takes a village to raise a child- everything we create is a child that needs nurturing, cultivation, culture, and socialization to be brought into the circle to sustain it,not be a gang member on the outside of the circle trying to get in and when frustrated takes it out through violence and vandalism.

Creativity Cafe in the inner cities will give kids a reason for being and hope... thanks to understanding mentors and multimedia experiential learning.

Blessings, Love and Light,

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Ken, Lee, can you use this Dome? Seems as tho it could be good in some park in Boyle Hts, RHS campus for students to project things on????

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Thanks Gary,

I know I would love to have it here on Maui to project onto!

But I am not in a position to be its steward.

PS: please mention me if you snap it up and keep me in mind for collaborative art projections.

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Dome Structure 35' Diameter 12' High

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The building department has announced that I must remove thisw dome from where it is stored on my property in Venice immediately. This dome, known as The Bubble Lounge has been in Center Camp at Burning Man Festival for four years. I am willing to donate the dome (35 foot diameter, 12 high at center) along with the 40' steel tower to a non-profit which can issue a legitimate tax deduction for it. The dome can be constructed around the 40 foot tower (as seen in one picture) or with a tripod holding up the center (second picture) The tower can stand alone as the basis for a sculpture. Comes with all hardware and a fabric groundcloth for the interior. It has a silver Tyvek skin that reflect the heat of the day. This needs to be moved by April 9th.

Original URL: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/zip/601775824.html