Friday, March 14, 2008

Who Wants to Build a Transformational CyberTheater-of-the-Future ?

I have called your attention to this post as I believe you and I share
the same mission: To use art and technology for the benefit of local
and global inhabitants of Spaceship Earth. I have dedicated my life to
this mission and as you can see if you've explored my work towards
manifesting Creativity Cafe Venues and Venue Operating System, that a
collaboration in the production of the "next stage" of nightclub / day
club / community venue design must take into consideration the

Safety for denizens
Drug Free - Alcohol Free Zone
Rooftop Smokers lounge (changes with wind direction)
They have to move to keep the rest of us away from second hand
Find resources & services easily: facilitated networking via CCafeOS
Venue Operating System
Caters to young and old alike
A travelers center for integrating with local light workers
An Edutainment Center for inspiring and teaching in the name of FUN!
Healing Programs and Community Enrichment in CCafe's Collaboratorium
Inter-node Communication and Events dissolving boundary lines,
borderlines and illusions of separation