Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Something Got Turned On Today @ Creativity Cafe

I find myself in Kahului at Coffee Roasters, one of my favorite hang outs and office outposts.

Today by making some changes in web pages, sending some emails (including the one that posted to this blog), I hereby set in motion next years KidCast for Peace: Solutions for a Better World teleactivity.

This action was spurred by getting an email alerting me to the fact my cousin Michelle, has a children's organization involved with their welfare and health.

My old friend Patricia Rife put me back in touch with Ashie of Heart-In-Action Enterprises -- whom Paul Holman of Transformational OM originally connected me with a year ago.

If two friends suggest we should be working together, so be it! This is a new beginning and hopefully the right fit for collaboration and a team I have been seeking to help establish KidCast for Peace as an Earth Day Peace Portal.

Ashie's Heart-in-Action nonprofit organization has offered my nonprofit; Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media): producer of Creativity Cafe's KidCast for Peace, use of a multi-point multi-node broadcast system to support KidCast.

In the past we have used CU-SeeMe and iVisit Software for video conferencing.

Userplane also has sponsored us. Ashie's video conference network offers the option of "protection" -- needed in a warped world to protect young minds and future leaders from those with less than inspiring intent.

We look forward to collaboration with Heart-In-Action.

I just noticed from browsing her web site (who has time for all this?) that she must know my good friend Irv Sarnoff from "Friends of the United Nations," along with Harry Dakin who sponsored my activities for those five wonderful years in San Francisco (1994-1999).

Those years marked the end of the most amazing cycle in my life's trajectory toward manifestation of Creativity Cafe; and the establishment of a network of community networking venues to serve the community in various ways.

Now, back to work on personal projects... My next musical album is coming along nicely thanks to help from Marilyn, Jim and Shiloh Bones, with a little Kachina thrown in for good measure.

I am happy to announce I have been re-certified as a studio producer with new HD Video gear at Akaku Maui Community Television Station. I have always been in broadcasting. It began with a speaker in a tree connected to my first tape recorder circa 1960, a Wollensak T1515-4.

My resume has more details about my early years in broadcasting.

Have a happy holiday season.

Love, Light, Blessings and Peace be yours!



Blogger MauiMacMan said...

We have opened up a mailing list at Yahoo Groups for this year's KidCast for Peace. Head on over here:

and pick up on the action. Please plan to empower young people where you are, by becoming a node in our global multicast. Kids of all ages have been offereing "Solutions for a Better World" since 1995, here at Creativity Cafe's Web site.

2/07/2009 12:29 PM  
Anonymous KidCast Central said...

As it turns out, we will not be producing a KidCast for Peace this year, or at least not using the technology Ashie has now withdrawn.

The breakdown in collaboration was because of either a language barrier, or because I became frustrated and "yelled" via all caps when trying to get my collaborator to correctly name the project she wanted to sponsor.

Even with repeated requests and examples before my upper case request, I had to ask her a fifth time to please correctly name the project "KidCast for Peace: Solutions for a Better World" in her correspondence.

She took offense at the all caps and "tone" of my last request and suggested we find other resources. What a pity.

She had been anxious to collaborate and I think that still will come to pass, for is will be a grand day when we can work things out, so she can benefit (and visa versa) from collaboration with the project.

KidCast for Peace: Solutions for a Better World is on hold again. I guess I reached the breaking point of having a collaborator continue to misname a project that is like my precious baby.

I'm sorry, I think after visiting our web site, seeing my references, my requests and then seeing the collaborator still refer to "Kids Cast" told me the project was not only not honored by calling it by its correct name, but didn't seem to be understood for its intention, i.e. to allow kids to share solutions and melt barriers of all sorts.
I still have yet to respond to her last communication, but I am so relieved in a way. I will be traveling soon. Producing a KidCast for Peace while on the road, would have been more than I wanted to handle. Learning the Adobe Breeze Software would have put even more pressure on me.

I'd rather wait until Mark Manthey of OpenCU finishes developing his multi-point video conferencing tool, based on and replacing the old CU-SeeMe that served KidCast for Peace so well in its beginnings.

Peter Rosen
KidCast Coordinator

2/20/2009 7:22 PM  

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