Thursday, October 23, 2008

Re: Creative Cities USA

FN:Ray Weaver
TEL;WORK:410. 263.1183
TITLE:Public Information Officer


You have reached us here at Creativity Cafe. We own the domain
CREATIVITY.COM. I don't think we are those for whom your
communication was intended, however my interest is piqued.

Perhaps there is something our creative teams can offer the further
your needs? We happen to be developers of Edutainment venues (and
venue networks) that offer much of what you seem to be seeking (and
then some). Perhaps you'd be kind enough to furnish me with an RFP?

Peter Rosen
Director: Creativity Cafe Edutainment Experiences and Venues
Founder: Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services
(V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media)

Begin forwarded message:
> From: "Ray Weaver" <>
> Date: October 23, 2008 6:05:31 AM HST
> To: "Ellen Moyer" <>, "Ray Weaver"
> <>, <>,
> <>, <>,
> <>
> Subject: Creative Cities USA
> Dear Colleague,
> Back from Santa Fe and into the swing of life at home once again.
> Allow me to jog your memory a bit.
> We volunteered to pursue the idea of an alliance for Creative
> Cities USA.
> Remember?
> I suggest that we start by formulating a mission statement. After
> agreeing on that, we can pursue the next steps, one step at a time.
> For the purposes of discussion, allow me to suggest the following:
> "Cities are vital places for harnessing creativity to enhance the
> quality of life and strengthen a sense of community. Creative
> Cities USA seeks to engage residents and visitors in culture, and
> to promote communities and special places where visitors can
> actively experience creativity at work through community design,
> food, crafts, music, art, literature, sport or unique heritage."
> Please feel free to add, delete, change and send your ideas back to
> me. I will forward all of our thoughts until we reach an agreement.
> Thanks so much for your time and effort,
> Ellen Moyer, Mayor
> City of Annapolis
> Ray Weaver
> Public Information Officer
> City of Annapolis
> 410/263-1183
> 410/562-8970 cell


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