Thursday, September 11, 2008

Have You Ever Had A Dream That Changes YOUR LIFE? Or a Movie?

I saw a great movie as part of the Maui Film Festival last June called IN A DREAM. Its the story of an artist in Philadelphia and his family and how the interplay of his creativity affects him and his relationships. It shows him in an institution because of his self confessed craziness and inability to interact with "life as we know it."  (I can certainly relate) Then the other side of his extreme happiness because he discovered he had to do what made him happy. Create!  In his case a very personal expression as most true art is. I've had my own brush's with suicidal thoughts, even actions. 

One can get very tormented when one's inner drives don't meet with the expectations (acceptance) of society, teachers, parents, friends, associates, etc.. Add to that the failure of one's attempts to be of true service (with projects born of futuristic and magnanimous visions), and a very unstable mind is produced. When one feels not only unappreciated, but has one's theories go unverified, i.e. not embraced by those who are intended to be those served (for lack of funding, or executive experience) - the resultant alienation is crushing to the persona. 

The alienation an artist "must" feel -- in order to birth something truly new to the Earth, also mirrors that there can be no turning back from ones passion to create in the true artist. I speak from experience. It is my way of being (not even my way of life), but my way of being to be creative.

So it was comforting to watch a film is inspirational and yet another indicator that I am on a path of the unknown, the great mysterium tremendium that my friend Don Conreaux named his "gong healing" company after.  I found a similar comfort and certain enlightenment from a book I like to give as gifts, "Meaning, The Secret To Being Alive:" .


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