Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Tools, Twitter Joining, Birthing Creativity Cafe

Hi Marc and CCafe Friends,

I just started to use twitter: http://twitter.com/ccafe

I figured I had better discover what the buzz is about - always attempting to have a bit of a mind-share on the pulse of expanding social networking technology, tools and techniques. As always I filter knowledge of so many different realities for relevance to Creativity Cafe's social networking engine and the Facilitator - I see developing that is at the heart of C3oS, or anything/one who might be in alignment.

But mostly, to see if it helps me to keep track of myself (lol) and my creative output. If you happen to use twitter, or want to try it (we are probably too busy) please let me know so we can twittel??

We all have lots on our plates. I thought to help keep track of our collaborative goals, opportunities, process points and milestones, we might explore use not only of the current TWIKI (CCafe Venue Description pages) that have serves so well for keeping track of CC relevant info: http://twiki.org/cgi-bin/view/Sandbox/CreativityCafe

but also perhaps to use more visually interactive tools (like Inspiration - our sponsor's tool that I swear by for production organization) but also the tools just suggested in the recent CC blog post (below) that speaks of some new tools I'd like us to check out -- and perhaps use to collaborate... let's talk later, whaddya think?

btw, In speaking with you via skype yesterday morning, we were on our long distance (12 hr time diff) call (from Maui to Cologne) for 2 min 26 secs; a cost of about 5.5 cents! I realized that at that rate there would be little expense in collaborating via an audio chat with the best minds in the world, who've discovered us and we them (via networking sites like Xing, Ryze, Friendly Favors, etc.). When the time is ripe (again) and whomever becomes interested in our respective projects, it would be great to discuss implementation (and the grounding of) our social networking-edutainment venue in physical reality (where cyberspace is grounded for everyone's enjoyment and economic benefit).

Then, what ever way one goes around the world, they will easily be able to tap into those sharing our evolutionary mindset and world-view (or not), as well as having a built in support system (via local CCafe or affiliate venue) who's denizens share a desire to be of service, and to assist with whatever goals and personal challenges (practicing pronoia) to help propel each others aims, goals and dreams-efforts toward (any given person's personal) success.

My/our cherished collaboratorium of the future (as I see it) will help ensure when humanity decides to play so everyone wins, there are greatly reduced numbers left to house, feed or to help heal their need.

These days (after dedicating so much of my life to CC and its potential programs, I can see all my efforts and hard work are just so many seeds (and after spinning my wheels for so many of my days that now has me in a daze). I must admit its making me crazier that I was already when I received the vision in 1980 guiding me to call in those wanting something better, especially for creative souls and their special issues, lives and loved ones. Little did I know how long the birth canal was going to be to birth this baby.

But the idea of a physical social networking club (grounding the social networking with many benefits for geeks and those who are computer phobic) where the venue denizens are all about (PRONOIA) helping and mentoring each other -- and those in the community. I know the people exist. I also have in mind initial venue that would love to tap into the multiple profit streams specified in my plan.

Think of CCafe as a funnel for talent, creativity and inspirational education. The vision is just too clear and compelling a way (in my mind) to tap into creative spirit - wanting/needing to help right the wrongs of life on Earth.

I just don't know what to do next - given I am much older (perhaps a little wiser) and don't have the energy that I used to have: i.e to wear all the pre thru post production hats for designing posters and PR, writing press releases and programs, networking, recruiting, organizing-producing-MC'ing live and cyber events (we are not even mentioning my passions for music and photography) and yet (apparently) I am not any closer to achieving the goal which has morphed beyond the initial vision of just a specialty artists resource center venue (and network of them) but also the social mechanism tool as part of the venue operating system and collaboratory programming.

How can we best proceed to identify the money and business minds to bring this baby to the next (hopefully) final readiness for birth?

BTW, Thanks for suggesting those two executive types who would be a good fit. The gal (found on XING) seemed to resonate in that she accepted my connection invitation. Your proactive contribution my friend is very appreciated! What a blessing to know you (and those copied)!


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