Tuesday, June 10, 2008

CCafe - VMI SET DESIGN siggraph 2008rev.pdf

Hi Chris,

Again I thank you for demonstrating initiative, this is a very good
thing! Glad we could conference today. I was also talking with Marc
Manthy in Germany who refers me to this link to his blog:


where he discusses the history of online video and builds toward our
projected (and past) use of multipoint video in our VMI and KidCast

You might also take in as its foundational to CCafe plans (i.e
KidCast for Peace, VMI, etc.) where people can gather via audio and
video with our physical audience(s) from their cyber station.

We are also discussing a principal part of Creativity Cafe's Venue
Operating System called THE FACILITATOR. Today in a conference after
yours and mine, he and I decided to partner up in learning the
iPhone SDK and make a prototype networking tool for that phone that
we hope the other companies (after Apple, i.e. nokia) will want (this
social networking tool) on their phones and on their networks (and
venues will sign up and purchase the venue components of the system
to activate their club.

The Facilitator along with our Venue OPERATING SYSTEM (C3VoS or C3oS
for short) will enable any place (venue) where people gather to be a
point of connection with those wanting to collaborate/mentor/meet/
empower/influence/discover/market/ etc.. Our system will connect them
with people and resources i.e. with other community members who fit
their needs, resources and or wanting to be part of CCafe's
Membership and potentially be rewarded by Acts of Pronoia. Which
could be an award we give when people who meet in our venues for
mutual benefit, have breakthrough experiences in service to each other.

With regard to the LA VERSION of V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink; Visionary
Artists Showcase and Networking Events, here is a layout of a studio
that is ideally set up for presenting talent to an interactive
audience (drawn for SIGGRAPH TRADE SHOW FLOOR PLAN) with broadcast
onto the Net for multipoint interaction with cyber audience members,
that can be adapted to our IGM GALLERY venue and Artists Showcase and
Networking events (we are planning for August or so) eventually.

This map with be posted on on this site with other information and a
PDF proposal for why a VMI artists showcase (that could be adapted to
be serving creative communities anywhere.

PS: Chris, Marc and I will be conferencing tomorrow around 2-3pm
Maui time if you are around and would like to connect with us!


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