Monday, November 19, 2007

Creativity Cafe LA @ Next Summer's SIGGRAPH??


Aloha Comrades in Creativity, et al,

I have impulsively decided to make a go of producing our next attempt to ground Creativity Cafe. Once again its time to put our heads together to capitalize on creativity and to harness the talents of each Creative soul for personal benefit - and to aid their community - local and not so local via a clubhouse for creatives and their audiences.

I will be writing a new CCafe proposal based on my conversation this morning with Flemming, to apply for 2008 SIGGRAPH  - which has already played host to two rounds of Creativity Cafe support; via accepting my proposed Educators panel for 1995 SIGGRAPH (in LA) and ....

In 1998 they accepted my second proposal and green lighted a major CCafe Venue prototype installation for 1998 SIGGRAPH (in Orlando, FLA). With considerable help from Dave Warner and Cyberarium, Scott Hawthorne of Metacreations and Dekle Vickers awesome presence and computer-lab  (that he and his son drove down from Tallahassee). Both helped set up the computers and software and conduct several KidCast for Peace multinode video conferences during our week-long exhibition. They were my angels, for I could not have mounted the week-long illustration of our "new school" without them.  Also, thanks to donations of over $250,000 in technology. We birthed, with the help of a host of sponsors and the SIGGRAPH organization (and other underwriters of the project) a digital storytelling sanctuary and new school prototype. But the best is yet to come.

I realized in my conversation, the thing to do is present all the artists (already exhibiting at SIGGRAPH) in a series of V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink Interactive Artists Showcase and Networking Events within our next prototype Creativity Cafe @ SIGGRAPH 2008 LA for live broadcasts:

AIM IM with Flemming Funch <ffunch>.
11/18/07 9:53 AM

Flemming: this hot off the press:
in case you want to play next year when we kick it off
9:55 AM
Ah, in L.A, cool
thats the plan
its time again
to begin once more
when you cming bk to LA?
Don't know. No immediate plans, but it has been quite a while, too long.
Do you want to plan with me for doing something at SIGGRAPH next summer (a CCafe installation that could be moved to a real venue at the close of the show)
What are you thinking of doing there?
a networking salon
with art as the catalyst for interaction
they have cutting edge artists from all over
we would set up an interactive stage (with audience able to ask ?) of the focused upon OTHER siggraph artists
create a data base
whatever we come up with
as a mechanism for facilitating networking with"strangers" in a room ful of people
Lots of creative folks at Siggraph
i am just intuiting this
i hadn't thought of it before
but this could be the killer things on many levels
we in essence host a TV show the SIGGRAPH ARTISTS SHOWCASE
like my old VMI events
and those who are exhibiting at sigg fill out questionaire
with photo
that becomes part of the FACILITATOR
which is a tool that will tie into the CCafe sys
to help people connect with those whom they are visually attracted to
or connect with those who they are in proximity of, if that person has something they need
i should get my friend in Cologne into this conversation if its a good time for you?
or of interest?
A little brainstorming certainly doesn't hurt
10:05 AM
i need to transcribe the above
So, like creating a database live in real time, and making some interesting and surprising synergy come out of that?
but I have hit on something I think would be fun for everyone, make a good point and impression and birth the tool I hope will become ubuquitious
well said!!!!
taking advantage of cell phones and wifi and web interface for pre programming the data base
or as you say live with whomever is attending
It would be an interesting experiment, and potentially useful, to network people in real time. That's sort of a new angle.
its been done
i forget the name of the groups
but now i have good reason to invite their particiaption
there is one missing element
in my plan (ultimate for the C3OS
face recognition
do you know anyone?
On the live networking thing, I get to think of feedback mechanims like "Income Builders Interenational", a one week workshop where a Tv crew live films and edits, and passes it on to big screens.
i am getting a major rush from this
Don't know anybody who does face recognition, but that would be very cool.
its key
to the facilitator
10:10 AM
And I get to think of the groups that track people's movements through a city within a certain period of time, with everybody wearing GPS recorders, and the interesting videos that come out of that
I've done some writing about it in my digital vision proposal, search for the link to digital vision on
and bluetooth in a club enables micro managed results
Weaving together enough channels of communication, connectedness and perception, well enough so a more complex intelligence emerges
then the clubs who buy into the database and becoem affilates can mutually harness the energy of denizens who have committed to support social change
re-education and mentoring on a mass scale results
igniting evolutionary fires
for people on this path will finally have a clubhouse
dedicated to using art and tech for spaceship Earth
(ala physical)
I am sure Greg Wright would love to play
10:15 AM
and I know paul holman is in
Well, if the real-time networking thing can be done well enough, that itself could take off as just the technology itself.
that's the idea
I'm sure he Greg has some ideas up his sleeve for this kind of thing
it will be such a hit that will will hopefully move the sponsor's tech into a physical venue after SIGG
time to let this all bubble around for a bit, but SIGG deadlines are soon so I am glad this tumbled out
I'd be happy to chip in in brainstorming sessions. Would be fun to do a group thing online to see what bubbles up
10:20 AM
what tools do you suggest? something with mutual drawing tech for energy mapping like this...
see if you can view that
That would be best. I don't have any great suggestion right now. A log of the good stuff is sort of proprietary.
the new leopard has the ability to operate macs remotely and prolly has this kinda tool built in
haven't lookd yt
I have Leopard. Well, it can do it one to one I believe, but not in a group.
i c
do you like
10:25 AM
any third party app problms
I like it overall. I haven't had really had any problems, other than with some older startup items I wasn't really using.
10:30 AM
lemme know if you discover any tools for mutual art making
there's a guy who reviews all that
robin someone
robin good?
he'd know
or maybe contriute to the pool
more grist
do you have Inspiration? (softw)
yep. I thought that's what you were using.
gr8 !!
i love it
my main production tool
would you be willing to ask Good about the tool?
you could point him (and bookmark) that I will put info up as SIGG approaches
point him to that, i will put info up on th site as we progress
I might just do that
10:35 AM
what r u up to?
Mostly busy with development for a little startup company I'm part of. Not doing many activities around here at the moment. Launching a Toastmasters club, but that's not very revolutionary. I'm part of a couple of other networking groups around here though. Otherwise I'm sort of keeping a low profile right now.
i c

---------------------- end fwd ------------------------------

I will now turn my attention to the SIGGRAPH 2008 call for entries. PERHAPS there is something there for you?

I would like to have your support and thoughts about this move and desired to go for it one more time!?

Would you like to play a part in planning and/or staffing for the installation (and or beyond) should we be so lucky?

Please post notice of your intention to participate to me via   

Creativity Cafe Coordinator
PS: in other news, Creativity Cafe's KidCast for Peace [] will be hosting a MAKE ART FOR PEACE booth at the upcoming (on Maui) Hawaii Healing Garden Festival, Dec. 1st. We need Kihei volunteers for that. Please contact our office.

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