Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fantastic Video Describing Creative Needs

What makes this video wonderful,

Check out Ideas & Creativity: Part II, a "Webinar"

is that is exactly for these reasons that Creativity Cafe has been founded! This video speaks so well on how the SPECIAL NEEDS of a creative person, that Creativity Cafe capitalizes on.... for the audiences' benefit (as well as the performer, artist, mentor or media creators) whose edutainments serve the community!

To begin packaging the ideas and needs-ways of creative people to respond to their SPECIAL NEEDS, Creativity Cafe"s Core Tech was conceived on July 11, 1980 and put into production a month later on August 11, 1980.

The Creativity Cafe Core Tech that is the beginning of any towns Creativity Cafe (permenant venue) is, V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink; The Visionary Artists Showcase and Networking Event. Art is a catalyst and device to help our expanding network of friends and associates to someday form the foundations of local venues, dedicated to serving the community and creative in all of us! Creativity Cafe members delight in facilitating the connection of those who have needs with those who have resources.

Creativity Cafe is being designed to harness creativity to facilitate change and transformation toward Peace - within each person. Please join one of our mailing lists:

Have a great day!

Creativity Cafe Coordinator

Peter H. Rosen