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Creativity Cafe Blog @ Zaadz: New CCafe Cohort

I am getting ready for two months of travel to network via SIGGRAPH.ORG with other cutting edge techno-creatives, scientists, medical people, entertainment mogols, etc who will be looking at the next new tools for visualization at the prestegious SIGGRAPH trade show, special interest group and Conference for those on the front lines of computer graphic innovation.

This writer was lucky enough to have his KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World at a Creativity Cafe Edutainment Venue proposal accepted in 1998 following my Educators panel in 1995 speaking of new kinds of neighborhood venues for transforming individuals, communities and organizations (i.e. governments) to keep everyone's mental and emotional growth, on par with advances in technology and other sciences, arts and societal shifts. These changes are coming fast and furiously. Creativity Cafe is being designed to harness global creativity and dance the new dream (of peace and prosperity for everyone) awake. This new member of the mix of founders team mates just advised me of his work.

We welcome Marc to our midst:

I received this via his Zaadz post to me today:

-------- fwd 07/30/07 -------------------

Collaboration, Co-Liberation
Hi Peter,

I exchanged some messages on Zaadz today with Gabriel Dayan and he advised I get in touch with you… I had been giving him some info on a series of linked projects I've been working on since the 90's - and they run pretty parallel with your wonderful work with the Creative Café's.

I started looking through your work and ideas tonight and I was delighted and amazed, also very pleased to find someone who has put such effort into them and already had so much success in pioneering these concepts.

So Congratulations and Thanks! I know these ideas will become even more real very soon… It's no coincidence that I came across you and your work at the Full Moon - it feels like a kind of fruition taking place and a fruitful connection being made.

I have been based in Ireland and England so far, and my own work with parallel ideas has been less public and visible than yours, but I started trying out small PlaySpaces in Ireland in 1999. That helped develop a lot of the images and visions, which were often “channeled”, as they say.

Here's something about one of the projects I'm working on…

It's a concept of multi-media collaboration with a working title of PlayCreate - it blends dance, animation, colour, form, text and music. It takes place in a live environment called a FlowSpace, which uses visual technology to link us back to the shamanic/spiritual roots of art.

It's a form of PlaySpace with cameras and projections which allow all the artists and performers to see each other's creations as they evolve and allows an audience to follow the process - or become involved. At the centre of it a program called BAST - Basic Artistic Systems Translation - that translates between media, so that 2-D work becomes 3-D, dance and movement become live animation, music becomes form and pattern, colour becomes sound, while sound becomes wave-forms, and so on in a creative flow and interaction.

So a dancer can create a 3-D virtual sculpture that might become a ceramic piece of pottery, a musician might make music that translates into patterns for fabric, a fashion designer can animate their designs live onscreen as moving fabric sculptures, a singer can sing and chant a form into life, like a glass-blower blowing molten glass, and so create the form that flows from their unique sound.

A poet can collaborate in the space with musicians, vocalists, graphic artists, graffitists and others who can play and create with their words, so that the Word Weaving becomes a whole environment, a co-created world. For the poet, the program uses text and voice-recognition, so as you speak, your words appear before you and can then be shaped in different forms and woven into the creative flow.

The works and words of a particular author could be explored this way, with poets, actors and musicians creating their vision of that writer's world. This would be fun with, say, Joyce and so many others…

In the space, a painter can create moving murals of colour and create layers of shimmering fabric, weaving tapestries of texture and tone into living landscapes that they and the viewer can travel through. Within this virtual world, they can carve and sculpt forms and landmarks, create 3-D virtual sculptures and forms that can be animated, while artists can create colour-sound environments. It would blend cymatics and animation to create a kind of synaesthetic experience for the participants and audience.

The process of collaboration I call “Co-Liberation” as it is all about liberating untapped creative potential and one's inner spirit through working and playing with others.

The space itself will have multiple projectors and wrap-around screens, so the experience would be a cross between being at or within a movie that is being filmed live and a total theatre experience, creating a total immersion. Live animation using motion-capture cameras and the layers of interactivity would allow the audience and the “playformers” to share a total moment of creative flow. The FlowSpace would have the feel of a creative womb-space, like an echoing cave where shamans dance around a central fire and their shadows and projections come alive… That central source is a column that is rather like a great tree of life, pulsing with images, visions, forms that travel up the 'trunk' on a series of screens to emerge above as “fruit”, the products and fruit of the collaboration in different forms displayed on a wrap-around circular screen which gives the overview.

It can also link into a virtual space in Cyberspace, so artists in different areas or different countries can collaborate in one space. It would eventually have studio versions for people who prefer to work alone or in collaboration with one other in a small space, and a home version which would give a sense of the greater potentials and be a form of creative game.

So you can see it would fit in well with your Creativity Café concept ( I also have just seen the “LightDancer” designs which would tie in with the BAST program!) It would also help create connections between the artistic and musical community and the wider community.

Some of the interactions would be through live motion-capture and animated avatars (which you design yourself) so that would need quite a bit of collaboration from programmers. Some of the collaborations that take place in the space could have a director or producer, while others are more free-flowing and rather anarchic, but would give a vivid sense of what live and spontaneous creativity is, without being cleaned up too much. These would use an editing type of process to ensure everyone doesn't go into information overload!

Some of the collaborations would have a rehearsal process first, to allow ground rules and working methods to be worked out, and the artists to get to know each other. Some could be rehearsals for a final “show” which would have room for sponaneity and improvisation rather like a jazz performance between musicians who have worked out a way of working with each other.

The more wild and unpredictable modes of collaboration might also be fun for the audience, as they would get to see a group of artists colaborating live and going on a journey together. There would be a mode which takes place in a portable dome which has the live images projected on its outside in an evolving flow… this would be ideal for a festival set-up, with music, images. It could also be used to create a kind of “live movie” with actors and dancers…

Well, there you are, Peter, that's the gist of it… It's still at the design/concept stage, so I'll be sending the portfolio out to people over the next few weeks in the hope of getting some feedback and support to move it closer to reality.

I hope you have a wonderful Full Moon!

In the One Heart we all share,

---------- end fwd --------------------

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