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Creativity Cafe + Future of Alternative Clubbing Symposium

Hi Fraser, 

Yes, that's fine!  I look forward to seeing what transpired and being part of ongoing discussion re: Interactive Gathering Places for play and progress. I will be going to SIGGRAPH.ORG in San Diego to gather resources for a new kind of club as described in my writing, where pronoia is practiced and technology is used for humanity.

I look forward to being on panels (I was featured in the 1995 Educators Panel at Siggraph discussing how a cyber cafe might become a multimedia nightclub, community center and new school. My proposal was accepted for SIGGRAPH 1998 where we produced a prototype Creativity Cafe and served Edutainment for the week long conference.


Begin forwarded message:

Date: July 26, 2007 2:04:08 PM HST
Subject: UP246! + Future of Alternative Clubbing Symposium

here's a late draft of the overall club video done that night (includes VERY LITTLE of the Symposium) but u should enjoy i think.
(am the guy who looks a bit like paul macartney and that's NOT a boast in the least :)

paul, i know, there's late and then there's ridiculously overdue and then there's this letter from u.
dunno what happened, except that it was immediately obvious we wouldn't be able to fit u in.  (not that i was even in charge.)

anyway, am just catching up on my beyond ridiculous email list responses and the funny thing is that the actual final product of the symposium will be ready by the end of this month so i shall certainly make it available to you.  ok?


Peter Rosen wrote:
Aloha Fraser,

Thanks for your visionary genius. I am always inspired by you.

I'd be very interested in representing Creativity Cafe Concepts in our discussion of the future of Alternative clubbing. I wonder if there might be a place for me on your panel for the next time out? 

I would like to tele-communicate my participation unless there is a kind sponsor who will provide a budget for my physical appearance?  Since 1980, I have been bringing concepts, installations and prototype networking venues into manifestation which are to have one major purpose and common goal; to connect people to the resources they need to succeed (whatever that is to them) and help resolve personal and planetary/community/government challenges. My work is all about helping to insure peaceful and successful evolution via collaboration, cooperation and action from people practicing PRONOIA.

I really like your topic list. I could add a few myself (such as venues as gathering places for activism and education).  Mostly clubbing has been about haphazard meetings with strangers (i.e. people hitting on each other), enjoyment of the sensory realms of music, dance, drinking, smoking and drug taking, etc. But in todays world, these venues can do a lot more than provide outlets for libido. they can help to weave the fabric of our future world by harnessing community creativity for local and global problem solving.

Is there a seat for me in your proposed conference on the future of alternative clubbing?

I invite you to view my latest video at Creativity Cafe's web site:

where in two minutes, you will have an overview of my plan.  The actions, money flows and other Creativity Cafe convection currents of change are described in the iconic drawings on my walls which I would be glad to share via power point at my presentation when/if that comes to pass?

Aloha, Blessings and Peace,
PS: whooops, I got this yesterday and your event is today!  I guess I'll wait for your report and the next turn of the wheel.
PPS:  I have reordered you email to loft the club conference topic into first place for the benefit of those BCC'd. If we are to significantly change our world, we must begin with the new seeds for peace.

Begin forwarded message:

Date: March 28, 2007 9:42:45 AM HST
Subject: UP246! + Future of Alternative Clubbing Symposium on Fri the 30th


The UP! - always FIRST with the Next Big Disaster? OR

kikking more of the bastards off the Ship before it sinks YOU DECIDE



I'm talking to some of the greatest organisers in the history of
Alternative Clubbing and Alternative venues and I feel humbled. 

I am going to briefly re-clarify the general format and content of
going to go into detail about every topic I will bring up as we need
to be somewhat spontaneous. This will be a flowing discussion not an
academic series of presentations. 

FORMAT: Basically I am going to bring up a series of themes and
topics and then call on people on the panel to elaborate. The
following are possible themes I will bring up but I might surprise
you. They are not necessarily in the order I will bring them up on
the nite, except for VISION/HISTORY which will definitely be first.
QUESTIONS FROM THE AUDIENCE will come after each theme is explored,
but they must ask a question on that specific theme.

Note: When I ask what sort of problems may have emerged within a
certain theme or topic, I don't mean that the scenario was only
negative and please feel free to elaborate on the positive aspect(s)
of things which I'm sure was the majority experience(s).


1) VISION/HISTORICAL CONTEXT: The first theme will definitely be
VISION but within that context I would hope that you will give the
audience a brief HISTORICAL overview of what was going on at the
time, in the club scene and counterculture, to spur on that VISION.
Jeff Dexter in particular (whom I will start off with) will hopefully
fill us in on the Sixties context (UFO, TECHNICOLOUR DREAM, MIDDLE
EARTH etc) before he describes his VISON for the ROUNDHOUSE.

PERSONAL MINDSET is very welcome and important within this VISION
context. How were you feeling at the time you decided to start or be
part of the club(s) we will be talking about. I might specify certain
clubs for you to focus on. For example, I would expect Fraser (Clark)
to talk in detail about MEGATRIPOLIS. And where the Counterculture
'was at' at the time, plus where Fraser was at. Then I might focus
him on the WARP EXPERIENCE as that too was a seminal club. Again,
first some HISTORICAL context, and that will lead into your specific
VISION for your specific club or Alternative venue, for the clubbers
themselves and perhaps for you personally.

and I wouldn't expect it to be otherwise. Why did you choose the
specific people to work with whom you chose? Did you see yourself as
being in harmony with them? Did you know they had flaws before you
got involved with them or did you just see them with angelic lenses?
What were the good points when working with them?

Which memorable specific problems (if any) emerged with your working
partners, what was the nature of those problems, why did they evolve
and - within this context - how and when did you decide you couldn't
work with that person(s0 any more? Again some specific HISTORY for
the audience. Not too much and not too little. I want the audience to
know (and they and I want to know) what was going on in the specific
clubs in some detail including the actual splits and battles but not
to the point where it becomes a book :) I don't mind if you get
heated and passionate, but theres no need for nastiness when talking
about this aspect of things. Obviously certain organisers feel they
were treated badly by other organisers and I don't want to hide that
from the audience; quite the opposite. But remember you are in front
of an audience who expect a certain level of New Edge decorum.
Finally I want to hear what lessons have been learned in regard to
working with other organisers.

3) MONEY: Always an interesting one. May overlap with the
RELATIONSHIPS WITH FELLOW ORGANISERS problems, but that overlap is to
be expected. What was your money situation like when you moved to
start your club or get involved? How did you raise the money? Within
the club how did you decide who got paid what (including yourself)
and how did that manifest itself? How did you decide how much dj's
were paid? And how much the audience was charged?

What problems within the club(s) you were/are involved with emerged
over money issues and how were you affected? How did you deal with
and solve these problems?

4) RELATIONSHIPS WITH STAFF: How did you envision that initially and
how did that change if at all? How did you choose who ran a room or
who didn't run a room? What problems (if any) emerged from that
scenario? How did you choose who worked in several other jobs within
the club? How did you relate to those people? Did staff respect you?
Did staff resent you? What lessons did you learn within that context.

5) RELATIONSHOP WITH THE AUDIENCE: Prices, Drugs, Sex Specific
Musical Tastes, Blagging. General Treatment of Clubbers (including by
security) and the concept of LOVE come in within this theme. Did you
try and personally relate to the audience? What did they think of
you? How did you try and improve things for the clubbers?

6) RELATIONS WITH SECURITY:.... A controversial topic to be sure. Use
your imagination

7) RELATIONSHIP WITH PERFORMERS: My fave subject, specifically DJ's.
Again, how did you choose who was going to perform on the nite? How
did you relate to performers? What sort of problems emerged (if any).

8) RELATIONSHIP TO COMMUNITY: Other clubs, the counterculture, the
local mainstream community..... how did you and your club relate to

9) CHANGES: How has the Alternative Clubbing scene changed, and how
have you and your club(s) changed over the years within that context?
What general lessons have been learned by the whole scene, your
club(s) and you personally. Very important theme.

10) THE FUTURE OF CLUBBING: Which direction do you see the
Alternative Clubbing scene going in? Which direction do you WANT to
see the Alternative Clubbing scene travel in? Do you see a role for
yourself in that and if so what?

That's it for the moment folks remember these themes are not set in
concrete. E-mail me anything else you would like to see included.
Again be concise without ignoring things.

And remember we are all about LOVING one another even if seems
impossible at times. xxxxGoodJeff. 


Kundalini, renown for hosting trance parties since the good old days
of the early 90s this group has managed to adopt their ethos to the
tide of time - continuing to inspire people on a regular basis with
their lavish productions and cutting edge electronic music - a space
to loose yourself in dance and good quality sonic delights

IDSpiral - the masters of chill - not only one of the most prominent
outdoor chillout creators but also an established part of many
Synergy experiences IDSpiral have gained a reputation by reinventing
the art of ambient culture form sleepy bleep to intricate and mind
stimulating journeys through the world of creativity - often with a
specific edge

Small World Stage - a must see show for any live music lover - Unlike
no one else the Small World Crew have mesmerized entire audiences with
their fine tuned array of deep and touching acoustic artists up to the
funkiest Celtic 10 piece bands - you got to see it to believe it...

Skandalous feature: Abradacabaret by joining forces the creators of
Scandalous (also known for their amazing work with cirque d'iraq) and
Abradacabaret are going to show us the very best of both worlds -
expect some of the quirkiest shows, funniest walkabouts and amazing
artists throughout the night

Kalahari - what started out as a fund raiser for the course of the
Kalahari People in their homeland in Botswana has now become a much
loved art and music institution - by drawing in some of the most
talented live musicians this space is equally raise a few eyebrows

Healing Space - as ever Synergy will facilitate a large healing space
- allowing for information exchange on crucial alternative ways of
healing - or simply to relax after a long week to a wonderful massage

@ SeOne Club, London's largest and most flexible venue, on Weston
Street under the railway arches of London Bridge Station.

Advanced tickets £15 plus booking fee or for £20 on the door, £15
concessions are only available on the door with valid proof.


we now return you to the rest of Fraser's message
Are GM Crops Killing The 

Humble Bumble Bees?

by Gunther Latsch 

"If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe,

man would only have four years of life left.

No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants,

no more animals, no more man." Albert Einstein.

And no more profits. Fraser Clark.


A mysterious decimation of bee populations has German beekeepers
worried, while a similar phenomenon in the U.S. is gradually assuming
catastrophic proportions. The consequences for agriculture and the
economy could be enormous.

Walter Haefeker sits on the board of directors of the German
Beekeepers Association (DBIB) and is vice president of the European
Professional Beekeepers Association. He warns that "the very
existence of beekeeping is at stake."

The problem, he says, has a number of causes:

1 is the varroa mite - introduced from Asia.

2 is the widespread practice in agriculture of spraying wildflowers
with herbicides and practicing monoculture. 

3 is the controversial & growing use of genetic engineering in

Mysterious events in recent months have suddenly made Einstein's
apocalyptic vision seem all the more topical. For unknown reasons,
bee populations throughout Germany are disappearing -- something that
is so far only harming beekeepers. 

But the situation is different in the United States, where bees are
dying in such dramatic numbers that the economic consequences could
soon be dire. No one knows what is causing the bees to perish, but
some experts believe that the large-scale use of genetically modified
plants in the US could be a factor.

r u ready? expect to hear this soon: no connection has yet been
proved. geddit?

Felix Kriechbaum, an official with a regional beekeepers' association
in Bavaria, recently reported a decline of almost 12% in local bee
populations. When "bee populations disappear without a trace," says
Kriechbaum, it is difficult to investigate the causes, because "most
bees don't die in the beehive." There are many diseases that can
cause bees to lose their sense of orientation so they can no longer
find their way back to their hives.

Almost simultaneously, Manfred Hederer, the president of the German
Beekeepers Association, reported a 25% drop in bee populations
throughout Germany. In isolated cases, he says, declines of up to 80%
have been reported. He speculates that "a particular toxin, some agent
with which we are not familiar," is killing the bees.

lets call it the Blind Corporate Greed Toxin ok?

Politicians, until now, have shown little concern for such warnings.
Although apiarists have been given a chance to make their case -- for
example in the run-up to the German cabinet's approval of a genetic
engineering policy document by Minister of Agriculture Horst Seehofer
in February -- their complaints are still largely ignored.

Even when beekeepers actually go to court, as they recently did in a
joint effort with the German chapter of the organic farming
organization Demeter International and other groups to oppose the use
of genetically modified corn plants, they can only dream of the sort
of media attention environmental organisations like Greenpeace
attract with their protests at test sites.

But that could soon change. Since last November, the US has seen a
decline in bee populations so dramatic that it eclipses all previous
incidences of mass mortality. Beekeepers on the east coast complain
that they have lost more than 70% of their stock since late last
year, while the west coast has seen a decline of up to 60%.

In an article in the business section of the New York Times in
February, experts at Cornell University calculated the damage US
agriculture would suffer if bees died out and estimated the value
bees generate -- by pollinating fruit and vegetable plants, almond
trees and animal feed like clover -- more than $14 billion.

think how many iraqis they coulda bommed with that!!!

"Colony Collapse Disorder" (CCD)

Thats what scientists call the mysterious phenomenon, and its fast
turning into a national catastrophe of sorts. A number of
universities and government agencies have formed a "CCD Working
Group" to search for causes, but have so far come up empty-handed.
But, like Dennis van Engelsdorp, an apiarist with the Pennsylvania
Department of Agriculture, they are already referring to the problem
as a potential "AIDS For The Bee Industry."

One thing is certain: Millions of bees have simply vanished. In most
cases, all that's left in the hives are the doomed offspring. But
dead bees are nowhere to be found -- neither in nor anywhere close to
the hives. Diana Cox-Foster, a member of the CCD Working Group, says
researchers were "extremely alarmed," adding that the crisis "has the
potential to devastate the US beekeeping industry."

It is particularly worrisome, she said, that the bees' death is
accompanied by a set of symptoms "which does not seem to match
anything in the literature."

In many cases, scientists have found that the few surviving bees
found in the hives show evidence of almost all known bee viruses,
some with 5 or 6 different infections at the same time, and also
infested with fungi -- a sign, experts say, that the insects' immune
system may have collapsed.

The scientists are also surprised that bees and other insects usually
leave the abandoned hives untouched. Nearby bee populations or
parasites would normally raid the honey and pollen stores of colonies
that have died for other reasons, such as excessive winter cold. "This
suggests that there is something toxic in the colony itself which is
repelling them," says Cox-Foster.

Genetically Modified Morality, eh Mortality

Walter Haefeker, the German beekeeping official, speculates that the
fact that genetically modified, insect-resistant plants are now used
in 40% of cornfields in the U.S. could be playing a role. The figure
is much lower in Germany -- only 0.06% -- and most of that occurs in
the eastern states of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg.
Haefeker recently sent a researcher at the CCD Working Group some
data from a bee study that he has long felt shows a possible
connection between genetic engineering and diseases in bees.

The study in question is a small research project conducted at the
University of Jena from 2001 to 2004. The researchers examined the
effects on bees of pollen from a genetically modified maize variant
called "Bt Corn". A gene from a soil bacterium had been inserted into
the corn to enable the plant to produce an agent that is toxic to
insect pests. The study concluded that there was no evidence of a
"toxic effect of Bt corn on healthy honeybee populations." But when,
by sheer chance, the bees used in the experiments were infested with
a parasite, something eerie happened. According to the Jena study, "a
significantly stronger decline in the number of bees" occurred among
the insects which had been fed a highly concentrated Bt poison feed.

According to Professor Hans-Hinrich Kaatz, the director of the study,
the bacterial toxin in the genetically modified corn may have "altered
the surface of the bee's intestines, sufficiently weakening the bees
to allow the parasites to gain entry -- or perhaps it was the other
way around. We don't know."

Of course, the concentration of the toxin was 10 times higher in the
experiments than in normal Bt corn pollen. In addition, the bee feed
was administered over a relatively lengthy six-week period.

Kaatz wanted to continue studying the phenomenon but lacked the
necessary funding. "Those who have the money are not interested in
this sort of research," he says.

did they tell him to buzz off, or just not answer his messages YOU



Get UP! Stand Up For Your Rights! (and everybody elses too of
course! :)

u cant understand the world without innerstanding yourself

UP! 246 27 03 07


u cant innerstand yourself without understanding the world

 Get UP! And Dont Give Up The Fight! (only we dont mean violence,
ok? :)


FEATURING exclusive re-writes, -takes &-productions of da freshest
deepest hacks ancient & modern,

SAMPLES from media & mentalities all over, & bubbling up! from da
public DNA Herself!



.. contents...

Targeting Tumours The Natural Way

By mimicking Nature's way of distinguishing one type of cell from
another, University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists now report they
can more effectively seek out and kill cancer cells while sparing
healthy ones.

In a series of cell-based experiments, the researchers' system
recognised and killed only those cells displaying high levels of
receptors known as integrins. These molecules, which tend to bedeck
the surfaces of cancer cells and tumour vasculature in large numbers,
have become important targets in cancer research.

In contrast, an established tumour-homing agent linked to the cell
toxin doxorubicin destroyed cells even when they expressed very
little integrin, indicating this strategy has the potential to
indiscriminately kill cancerous and healthy cells.


Catalyst Could Help Turn CO2 Into Fuel

A new catalyst that can split carbon <javascript:loadBrain(>
 dioxide gas could allow us to use carbon <javascript:loadBrain(>
 from the atmosphere as a fuel source in a similar way to plants.

[ news service, March 15, 2007] 



______,,,,_{ô¿ô}_,,,,__ fraser

id like very much to apologise to all africans everywhere for the
greatest holocaust ever perpetrated on any people by another in human
history - the slave trade. it makes me deeply ashamed to be a member
of the human species, and i do NOT think that much, besides outward
behaviour/thinking, has changed. a line spoken by an old african in
some documentary rings in my ears: it was very uncivilised
behaviour. am quite sure that 90% of westerners, even today, have
never in their entire lives stopped for a moment and considered
whether their lifelong assumption of cultural superiority might not
be the case.


 the UP! is a global edutainment round-up, broadcast weekly to

Alternative// Activist// Zippy// Trance// New Age// Peace folks

recommended to the Parallel YOUniversity// Megatripolis Dance Dept as

 "showing signs of life". Since recipients forward it widely to their
own lists & sites

we conservatively estimate 50,000+ direct recipients.

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And, because of its 'mix' of 'specialist' & 'general' content,

 it's increasingly being posted on a variety of sites worldwide,

making an estimated total weekly readership of =[275,000]=


hey good people,

thank you for many years of sending UP! to me. 

however, i have not gotten it for some months (help!), and today i
went to and found that the writing in the latest UP!
is fresher than ever.

i often read or try to read your take on 2 things i would like to
lump together as the same thing and that is the big bang and black
holes. Since you seem interested in discussing these things, my two
cents worth would be to say that big bangs are local phenomena,
galactic in size. You can see it if you look at the different types
of star systems... there are all stages of this occurring at all
times. If you can conceive of different densities occurring side by
side and overlapping then you can see different "universes" or what
has been referred to as different densities colliding or interacting.
The image i've been shown is that of a glass of water with ice in it.
Same material; different densities, interacting to a degree and
separate to a degree. Another image i can think of is a waterfall,
it's a river as well as a waterfall. From an abstract perspective of
single planes it is quite an anomaly if you had no concept of the 3rd
dimension. The other detail is that of course big bangs oscillate
between expansion and contraction, like a yo-yo in space, like a
wave, like your breath, like a hindu god creating universes and
destroying them with hir breath. i'm not sure where the problem is
understanding this. Please help me; where are people stuck?

Yes, and thank you for considering my take on this!!!!

Best from 5 degrees north,

mark laplume, nottingham, uk.

hi mark i been having tekkie probs galore and so i may have taken
a load of time getting back to you on this but i just read it this
minute ... and LOVED it. the reason u haven't been getting the UP! is
again tekkie probs - which i still haven't finally solved. u r not the
only one, indeed i think most readers haven't been getting it since i
went broadband 5 weeks ago.

anyway i LOVE what u say and, indeed, it's because of insights like
yours (from i presume a non 'scientist') that i cover this stuff.
stealing it back from the 'scientists' (paid) to real Scientists
(people like us who are naturally curious & intelligent & somewhat

i get your idea of adjacent or even overlapping/intermingling density
dimensions and hadn't quite spotted this before. i knew kinda that the
youniverse isn't some long endless stretch of empty space but i hadn't
quite seen what u imply. in other words it might not take a million
light years to get to another dimension, it's more likely to require
a lateral move. that has felt obvious to me for a LONG time :)

on the big bang as breath yes, i've seen that. a crucial point,
however, and why it MATTERS, is that if u think it's all an accident
and for no reason then this has a fundamentally alienating effect on
one's whole life - and more western people today see themselves as
kinda sensitive brainless slugs accidentally alive and going nowhere
by definition. sounds like psychopathy to me, cosmic psychopathy if u
like. sorry this response is such a rush and unthought through but i
got many other emails i can now get round to.


CPR: Mouth-to-Mouth Not Much Help

For adults who suddenly collapse, CPR is more effective if rescuers
focus on chest compression over mouth-to-mouth ventilation. By
interrupting lifesaving chest compressions, mouth-to-mouth
resuscitation may do more harm than good. 

[WebMD March 16, 2007]


Giant Pool of Water Ice at Mars' South Pole

Mars has enough water ice at its south pole to blanket the entire
planet in more than 30 feet of water if everything thawed out.

Astronomers have solid evidence that billions of years ago water
flowed over the Martian surface. And recently, evidence has pointed
to a warming trend as Mars emerges from an "Ice Age.

[ March 15, 2007]

and i continue to be utterly flabbergasted at how wrong well paid
scientists got it for so long!


Is The Universe Actually A Fractal 

- if its not a holgram?

Written across the sky is a secret, a hidden blueprint detailing the
original design of the universe itself.

The spread of matter throughout space follows a pattern laid out at
the beginning of time and scaled up to incredible proportions by
nearly 14 billion years of cosmic expansion. Today that pattern is
gradually being decoded by analysing maps of the distribution of the
stars. What has been uncovered could shake modern cosmology to its

New Scientist, Mar. 9, 2007





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