Saturday, May 26, 2007

Another Step Towards a Venue for Transformation

Hi Gabriel,

(this was written to a new friend on Zaadz: . You can view my page there and subscribe to Creativity Cafe's blog on Zaadz: )

Thanks for your input. I have done my market research in spades:

will give you a clue as to the follow thru on the vision (since 1980). In 1994 I gave myself 5 more years (after 15 invested and many successes) to ground Creativity Cafe. Investors could not wrap their minds around a transformational theater, where people of like (creative) mind are practicing pronoia for the benefit of everyone, in a space that conforms to suit the needs of each individual patron, to help deliver mentoring, personal growth edutainments, and whatever else community members conjour to put up on stage, screen along the lines of experiences designed to melt barriers to intimacy, abundance, and the creation and propigation of positive media. It was just too early for most minds, except the genius artists drawn to
the vision:

Milestones in addition to the above link:

describes our major milestones in public trials, focus groups, and
prototyping... all very successful but for the want of a business
visionary (and money). Someone perhaps like you, able to read the
writing on the wall and see how my very altruistic heart has
conceived of something, a social mechanism, arising out of the shift
in consciousness, technology and the Internet's social spaces... a
new kind of venue that is physicalization of those online social (and
video) spaces. That, my friend is Creativity Cafe!

Check out this ENERGY MAP linked to on my technology tracking and
kindred spirit page:

(where you are free to contribute where you fit into this iconic
clubhouse WE are creating. I have conceived of a venue and venue
operating system architecture that ties into mobile devices (THE
FACILITATOR); a tool to further the objectives of Creativity Cafe,
i.e. connect people with each and resources for mutual benefit,
personal advancement, and global unity (peace) in intention to
practice PRONOIA.

Mahalo for your interest!


PS: In SF, I hired an account and had him run the numbers; given meager projections and under-guessing revenue, product sold, etc.. He could not believe the numbers. Nobody could make that much money he thought and said. I told him to scale it back for the investors. I
have those numbers for 5 years. And the venue brand, the venue operating system, and the topology of the FACILITATOR software will empower all who use the tools... and here is the most important part.... the place is designed to serve those who have NO INTEREST in
technology, computers, multimedia, etc. They would come for mentoring, edutainment and glimpses of their future on the big
screens. And of course, to just have fun, dance, meet, mingle (facilitated networking, remember) and match up. Its all about
that... networking!