Monday, April 23, 2007

KidCast for Peace Results #18

Aloha and HAPPY EARTH DAY (every day)!!!

What a blessing to be able to facilitate creative expression for the
earth's happiness. I hope it all went well with you on your Earth
Day, April 22nd? Did you happen by Creativity Cafe's KidCast

and check out Creativity
Cafe's KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World teleactivity???

I made the best of being a one-person KidCast Booth/show operator at
Maui's Earth Day Festival after successfully testing our KidCast
Network all morning with New York and Berlin nodes, thanks to Rudy
Velene and Marc Manly respectively. I did last minute preproduciton
of our proposed KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World
Broadcast and Networking opportunity with's
assistance, Thanks Ashie, but alas, none of it never really amounted
to much - because although I did make some great connections in my
physical location for future growth of Creativity Cafe's KidCast
Network, and the kids who were frolicking, took time to make art (See
CCafe's blog for documentation in a few days), in the end it fell
apart because I didn't put in the 4 months of preproduction effort:

that I usually do!! Besides, after KCFP 15/16/17s fiasco (still
unreported though massive documentation exists), I have burned out
after 17 broadcasts in a bit over 12 years. What really stopped the
flow though, was because the event had no Internet connectivity! I
knew that up front that if one person who was rumored to have been
bringing a wireless modem might attend. The local wireless company
turned down my sponsorship request. Clearwire is not that community
minded I guess!

A few stopped by our PEACE PORTALS, Userplane and my friends CU-SeeMe
server during the mornings tests from my office. There was no network
and school was out, so we'd have had to have kicked the KidCast into
gear many months ago for any degree of success (predictablally)

We did get some fabulous art at Maui's Earth Day Festival and our
KidCast for Peace making table. Art made by kids of all ages was
created. I will be posting documentation to Creativity Cafe's KidCast
for Peace Gallery of Solutions and CCafe's Blog:

and Creativity Cafe's Gallery of Solutions, if a few days. You are
welcome to subscribe to CCafe's Blog RSS feed.

PS: Thanks to Jo Danieli for help and fantastic photos and Sunny for
aiding with putting the booth away (i.e. lugging all the elements of
production back to my studio/office)