Sunday, June 03, 2007

Watch "The Trap: Episode One (Adam Curtis, BBC)" on Google Video

Your friend,, has sent you the following video from Google Video and included this message:

Please watch this video about how humanity got to be so distracted and programed, that we have lost our sense of nature and being harmonious in it! The Trap points out the very programming that has created our (in debt, hurting, and misbelieving) humans "living" by always weighing their death in a failing world.

In reality, we are on the verge of breakthrough. This film shows how we've become trapped and suggests that even though we've beome like machines; responding to media cues and driven by Madison Avenue.

Creativity Cafe, the venue is all about mentoring, meeting and marketing. Mentoring folks ready for change, advancement, self empowerment, Meeting via facilitated networking. Mobile devices and the club operating system make it easy to get what you need and want, thanks to patrons practicing pronoia.

Marketing. That's the core of Creativity Cafe' agenda. But Unlike Madison Avenue driving people to purchase things they don't need, and installing false values, misleading cues and violence inducing programming to confuse what the true meaning of life is, Creativity Cafe is here to illuminate you!

Media pitches death at every level, Creativity Cafe practices life and live to serve others. That my friend, is pronoia. The whole venue is configured to take someone so brainwashed as this film indicates, and enable them to see more clearly their natural drives and proclivities, against the justiposition of the life they have built for themselves, and their current visions, hopes and dreams. Creativity Cafe becomes a stopping ground in a rushed life to smell the flowers, appreciate those who want only our best. Is it possible to trust people ever again? That would depend on if the won your favor I would imagine?

That's why after hanging out in Creativity Cafe, one would soon be so served by so many, that years of conditioned barriars to intimacy can actually be reversed and the patron, can once again begin to peel away the layers of protection and conditioning to discover who they truely are? And reestablish what their goals might become in light of the support system offered by those sharing the CCafe agenda: ARTISTS USING TECHNOLOGY (metal and human based) FOR HUMANITY and enlightened, esculated evolution, magnified by the synergy in the club to affect change personally, locally and globally.

Below is Episode Two of The Trap: (Adam Curtis, BBC)

59 min 29 sec - Mar 23, 2007

Watch Episode One of The Trap.

If you're having trouble watching the video, try copying the following URL into your browser:


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