Sunday, June 03, 2007

Creative Writers? Get Paid to Do What You Love

A click on the logo link above will take you to my first article. The system works by global citizens rating your writing, so please read what I wrote if the subject interests you: Adventure of Life and How to improve your Journey.

Thanks for reading my writing and letting me know (here) what you think of my thoughts!?

Creativity Cafe is a place to bring opportunities like this to those who are luddites or don't care anything about computers. Yet, our world is now all about technology and how we can benefit from it, which, BTW, is also what Creativity Cafe is all about! The venue would be a club house for cultural creatives, audiences wanting something better out of their lives (my article above addresses this) and who are there to meet, mingle and be of service to help you get your way!


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