Saturday, November 25, 2006

Global Learn Day Presentation by Peter H. Rosen

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Please have a listen to my presentation several years ago. I am seeing all of the new social networking services and sites springing up that just support all my plans and projects toward a new kind of school (Creativity Cafe) networking club and edutainment center focused on transforming peoples needs, wants and desires into great friendships, healthy minds and bodies, and unlimited wealth that will be your bounty for just being in the club and being who you are, doing what you love to do. Its getting closer and closer.

The problem I always notice is that people who are successful or who have startups with similar ideas, are too busy to notice my work and how it could be part of the fabric that together with what they are so blindly (or not hopefully) focused on, could weave a first ONGOING physical Creativity Cafe; a prototype for a venue for the 22nd century creative person and inspired citizen (or for those who need inspiration, healing, love, success and new friends and business associates)

Please do explore Creativity Cafe's online pages; , installations and projects and media not on our server.

I would really enjoy some feedback on my work, and to know that you want to collaborate in bringing a Creativity Cafe to your town!


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