Friday, September 16, 2005

Creativity Cafe; Transformational Edutainmnet; audio description and reason for its need

Creativity Cafe is the first step in answering the vision born in 1980 of a community venue network of innovative cybertheaters designed to be a social mechanism. To give creative people a voice and automatic compensation in the evolution of our world, while providing educational entertainment to audiences and community members at large.

Creativity Cafe will be a place for beings on the path of self realisation and service, to harmonize each other and the masses; thru educational entertainments and positive media broadcasts and inter-activities.

Click the title of this post to listen to what Peter has to share about why there is such a need and therfore, a place that will pay artists for thier gifts. Listen to the vision he received on July 11, 1980 outside of Los Angeles; that has become his life's work.

Like the majority of creative people, Peter has been producing aspects of Creativity Cafe at a great personal cost. Most in the world of 1980 could not see, no less share his vision. The times have changed. You are invited to join the growing team committed to realizing the vision.

You dear reader and creative person, are the life and breath of the Creativity Cafe Consortium. By becoming a member, you will get paid for just just for being in the clubhouse; having fun, doing what you love. Want to know more? Please subscribe to our next VODCAST.

Discovering creativity in everyone and promoting it is our mission. How can we band together to make the world work for all peoples? By the social mechanisms coming of age on the Internet, and in cities and towns everywhere there is a Creativity Cafe®

To survive as a creative: