Sunday, July 10, 2005

Seperating Factors Drive Need for Creativity Cafe

••••••••••• Sunday, July 10, 2005 10:09:59 AM Pacific/Honolulu •••••••••••

From Yahoo News

Emboldened by a recent Supreme Court decision against
Grokster, a file-sharing service that was deemed to be encouraging piracy, media executives are considering ways to deliver movies over the Internet in legal, easy ways that could not only avert piracy but also make extra money for the studios.

Intel Corp. presented media executives with its vision of a high-speed entertainment network for the home, and actor Morgan Freeman announced that Intel had agreed to invest in a new company he was starting that would allow consumers at home to view first-run movies delivered over the Internet.

With people being driving more and more to experience in the safety and security of their homes (and become solitary consumers), the need for Creativity Cafe becomes more and more self evident, apparent. Our psyche's will suffer without living naturally, especially in face to face conference, celebration and community.

Creativity Cafe will offer the rewards of serendipity to the family of folks in any given Creativity Cafe at any given time, anywhere a venue exists. A sanctuary to the barbarism of the world out of touch with nature, driven by capitalism, greed and lust. Its up to those of you attracted to work like this to hook up (the purpose of Creativity Cafe after producing and presenting positive media and experiences) with those that can serve them, ie.