Saturday, July 09, 2005

On Being a Multi-dimensional and Multi-talented Being

English is a funny language. Being American is no longer something to be proud of but an embarrassment, thanks to Bush and his Bashers. My life has always been about heart, doing everything i love to do, the best I can do it.

After getting this computer and having one since 1982, I am realizing the reason for my addiction to it. With what other tool (other than your very life) can you express your creativity in so many ways, all implemented if not completely produced with the help of a computer.

(the phone just rang. It was my mom getting a lesson from Verizon on using her phone to send a photo)

As we enter this creative rennaisance, it becomes clear that more and more people will try, like me to do all the chores of filmmaking themselves. Some will be good at it, others will become so frustrated!

Lucky for me, I have no problem learning the software that has been donated, comes with my Macintosh, or has been "borrowed" from friends in order to do 3D animation, Video and Audio production, editing, packaging, presentation and purveying. Then there is print and graphics production, invoicing, faxing, CD and DVD production, burning and distribution. Throw in web production of templates, rollovers, javascript, image maps, embedded video and audio, streaming video and audio, and you will begin to see that with these skills, I am no average camper.

Oh, did I mention that once you are so creative with your digital sandbox, you have to do diligence with the files produced. That means back them up, archive them, index them in a library and make sure you can recall what it was you were in the middle of, or working towards. Even files from a month ago remind me how prolific one can be using a computer and being creative. While we're on that subject...

The art of making music on a computer (and video/film) has enabled the studios of days gone by, with their immense footprint, fantastically expensive cost, and intense pressure to perform (thanks to high rental rates), be reduced to a box that sits on your lap and weighs under 6 pounds. That is changing the world. Enter podcasting and VODcasting.

So with all the learning curves of all that software, and production of projects to get them out of the box and distributable, there is one last thing... Hard Drive and Computer maintenance. One also has to be a wizard at working with the machine, its care and feeding. Beyond the addiction to web sites offering the latest tips, tricks and fixes, you must be aware of how to repair and fine turn your computer.

You might ask how can one person learn (no less remember) all that? I'll tell you. By not having a "normal" (thank god) social life... if fact, my social life leaves a lot to be desired... namely, a significant other... or at least someone to get it on with once and a while. I have neither.

Sometimes I am quite OK with that. Sometimes, not! Having another being around would distract me from my learning and production curves and various (V.A.R.I.O.U.S.) projects, services for others, and fulfillment of my dreams and desires.

It is attention to my physical pleasure which has been lacking, perhaps because I am so beyond sex for sex sake and have plenty of ways to sublimate my sex drive. I guess if I get the pleasure of raising a child by seeing how powerful the box make me, so that I can manifest edutainment projects, and advance the cutting edge with little or no capital is compellingly wonderful.

But, if I do not satisfy those urges and cravings for human contact (without filters), it could make me crazy, fast! In fact, I see it coming soon if I don't start to ween my self off the machine and get my priorities straight! Not to mention old age is not far off, and with no one to care for and to take care of me, life could be brutal (given my physical issues).

Losing mom would be my biggest fear, its inevitable. Enjoy her and life, while its to be lived~! Maybe someone sweet, spiritual, smart and sassy will come into my life and stick? But then, she would have to understand this compulsion to create and my addiction to Apples. My preoccupation to pound the keyboard, communicate with friends all over the world, via video and audio chat, and exchange MIDI streams with strangers who potentially could develop into best friends is a powerful seduction for me. But the right woman, will not have to do more than be in my presence for me to sit up, take notice and take action to be connected to her, in all ways. I am more than ready to give the machine the back seat!

Its all about Balance. Have you noticed we have lost our ability to be at one with nature, and that we rely way too much on machines?


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