Thursday, June 16, 2005

Things Are Moving in the Creativity Cafe Universe

I was in LA recently. I met up with Lynn C who runs an art gallery in conjunction with USC near downtown. She arranged to have me meet with a woman who has lots of bucks and helps to make things happen around town when beauracray fails. The three of us had lunch and I was offered a building.

I met with the founder of GLOBAL KIDS FILM FESTIVAL and we discovered, we too are very kindred spirits. As with Lynn, we had been emailing for quite some time but never met, until those fate filled days of April and May. I Flew out of Maui right after the KidCast for Peace on April 22, 2005.

David Shoultens of Malibu Digital, and I hung out. He reunited me with some old friends in the world of Lasers and was treated to a fantastic Laser Light show and interactive, audience participation light and music jam session, the night before I headed up to San Francisco as my recent trip was funded, in part, by a Maui mover and shaker who also lives up that way. David and I are really on the same page about CCafe's video networking facility and functions of the DMR database and C3OS... Creativity Cafe Club operating system, which is at the core of the functuanality of the social mechanism each venue is a node of.

The KidCast for Peace from the How Weird Festival produced a second hook up with a Brazilian Counterpart. We were fast frieds when he and I began testing the KidCast Network... he just happened to show up one day while I was configuring things on the iVisit server.

LG was a blessing as always. I had some embarrasing moments during my presentation of a Creativity Cafe for a day experience crammed into a 3 hour slot, with minimal equipment and preparation by a volunteer team of Vinit Allen, Galen, Scott Catomas, and the 15 or so folks who showed up. Soon I WILL POST some of the documentation of videos and images.

It was the end of a 10 month cycle that began after my trip to LA for SIGGRAPH in summer of 2004. In October, I began to design and plan for the KCFP and revisting one of Creativity Cafe's potential investors.

Here is a little clip that was produced from my presentation, Enjoy this!

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