Saturday, December 04, 2004

VMI SHOW:; Maui Artists Showcase 188 Great Success!

••••••••••• Saturday, December 4, 2004 10:47:28 PM Pacific/Honolulu •••••••••••
grand wailea hotel... wireless access

        The show went really well thanks in no small part to Brooks, pi, Jorel, and assorted artists who came to the aid of the party. Art and Heather were next door at t aparty for cindy so they brought over some cake.''Alika hired Kenny, the lahaina musician and akaku friend to videotape the showcase. I had come prepared for all but forgot the power adapter for the video camera that sat on a tripod the whole show and was never used.

Just created a blog, my third after KidCast, The Adventures of Shiloh Bones, and now 9470965 (Creativity Cafe Founders Corner).... don't know how to work them, but I guess I will learn.. Blogging is the biggest thing these days.


a New Beginning

Here I am sitting at the Grande Wailea Resort on Maui Hawaii. I live not far. I grew up in the hotels of back East; learning to play the piano. Now I am here on Maui for my health...still beliving in, and working towards fulfilling the vision I received of Creativity Cafe; a network of artists resource centers to help people heal through the marriage of art, positive media and interactive experiences. It's amazing what one person can do with a life if one remains focused, with intention. Despite my considerable challenges, I am still able 25 years later, to say how happy I am to be able to continue as vision holder for a social mechanism designed to bring the best humanity has to offer, to aid plant earth and its peoples.