Presenting Creativity Cafe™
A Case For Community Amusement/Entertainment Centers
becoming "New Schools for the Next Millennium"

1995 Siggraph Educators Panel presented by Peter H. Rosen et al

View Peter's presentation slides making a case for existing community Internet cafes being transformed into "New Schools for the Next Millennium;" quadrupling their profit, and more importantly adding a valuable community resource.

Three years later, ACM SIGGRAPH backed Peter's proposal for a week long Creativity Cafe™ installation featuring KidCast for Peace: Solutions for a Better World; a teleactivity connecting children globally in live Internet multi-casts.

This panel will explore the potential for providing broadbased community educational opportunities in a friendly neighborhood setting to with very little overhead to serve K-12 students, their parents, and anyone else wanting easy access to computers and computer skills.

Every day, new computer cafes and electronic amusement centers are coming online physically and on Internet's World Wide Web. With the attraction and proliferation of educational games and software, resident teacher/tour guides at neighborhood entertainment and amusement centers will facilitate grass roots education supplementing institutionalized learning and home schooling.

The ramifications of electronic long distance learning and creative collaboration will be discussed focusing on: building self-esteem, improving interpersonal communication skills, creating job skills for the 21st century, facilitating teamwork through electronic cooperative play, and creative problem solving via interactive entertainment.

Succinct Credentials:

Peter H. Rosen is a multimedia artist, interactive event producer and visionary. He founded Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S.), in 1980 to build a high tech artists' resource center for exploring the use of art and technology for educational entertainment, healing and global community empowerment.

He directed a 1983 prototype including the worlds first video disk recorder programmed as an Image Storage and Retrieval System for contemporary art. His careers include radio program host, broadcast television cameraman for the ABC Television Network, recording engineer, photographer, music teacher, electronics technician and computer graphics artist.

As a coordinator at the California Museum of Science and Industry's "Creative Computer" exhibit, he taught computer graphics to artists, school groups and visitors. In 1989, Mr. Rosen initiated the Arts for Social Change awards to recognize artists using technology for a better world.

He currently is developing Creativity Cafe -- an educational entertainment venue and community communication/resource center to provide the creative tools of today to support the storytellers and leaders of tomorrow.

Participating panelists and their topics include:

  • PC is to Piaget as WWW is to Vygotsky Robert Edgar
  • Learning Communities on the Web Joshua Callman
  • Using New Media Technologies in K-12 Environments Larry Hiner
  • Children; The Designers of our Future Edith Ellen Paul

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