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  • To connect children in schools and homes around the world and facilitate their ability to contribute to the world they will inherit.
  • To inspire educators and parents to guide children (of all ages) in expressing their feeling for how to make this a happier, healthier, safer and more peaceful world.
  • To create a global network of kids in physical locations that connect in regularly schedualed live and cyberspace "broadcasts" on the Web.
  • To build a KidCast For Peace Web site and "Peace Place;" a repository for solutions contributing to a better world using the artistic expressions created by the "Kids".


  • Establish "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For A Better World" as a regular global event and part of local school curriculums.
  • To facilitate public awareness in both cyberspace and in physical communities of KidCast For Peace, and the solutions offered to solve the problems of our time.
  • To provide affordable and/or free access and training to teachers and students in the use of state-of-the-art digital storytelling tools.
  • To facilitate and instigate participation by handicapped, geographically or economically challenged peoples.


  • To attract and develop teams to iniate and maintain funding, and production resources in local communities.
  • To transform KidCast For Peace from an unfunded grassroots effort to a fully supported international program that reaches mainstream media.
  • To create income streams from products produced from KidCast submissions and directing these "Royalties" to help support the continuation of the KidCast, and benefit each participating community, school, teacher, parent and student.