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KidCast For Peace is an art exhibition and community forum to discuss solutions catalyzed by artistic expressions. "Image" authors meet with the public in a multi-node Internet broadcast/multicast to share about their creative solution to the ills of Earth and it's peoples. This "Happening" will feature digital storytelling. Get ready by downloading free video conferencing software from iVisit found to participate fully or you can just look at the art in Creativity Cafe's Gallery of Solutions (and linked to web sites).

Participants are asked to focus on issues within their communities and create a digital story told from nature's point of view, or just make any suggestion for improving things. Suggested applications for Digital Storytelling: Power Point, Web pages, Flash, Voice Over Sound Files, Video Clips of Skits, Eco Rap Songs (mp3) and/or 3D animation. Of course scanned 2D analog art is fine too!

To participate: register and log on to our KidCast for Peace Community Forum, then follow instructions below, to go to Nicenet (our virtual classroom). KidCast for Peace creates a portal that dissolves time and space, and enables conversation about the art and media displayed on pre-made KidCast web sites. We give away fantastic prises for sites you make for the project that displays your SOLUTION and is logo linked to us. We also feature other sites not specific to this project in they are pertinant. Software and 3D glasses are among the prizes for best site and best participation... picked solely at the disgression of Creativity Cafe and V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media members.

If you do not have a video camera connected to your computer, DON'T WORRY! You can still use our primary iVisit software to participate in CHAT and AUDIO interactivities! iVisit is cross platform! Get it now!

Then follow THESE DIRECTIONS TO JOIN US in the video chat room for students all over of every age!

Our Tenth Year Anniversary KidCast for Peace will began gathering on April 22, and May 1, 2005 (KCFP #15 & #16) at 8am Hawaii Standard Time (HST) for testing. We invite you to join us in this portal to peace; to give young peers around the world an opportunity to connect and share their love. The interactions will continue until the event naturally ends. Please consult the time zone link and let us know when you can join us from your location?

Participating using the Nicenet KidCast for Peace virtual classroom:

1. Log on to

2. Create a User Name and Password by simply Clicking STUDENTS: JOIN A CLASS and enter the Class Key to set up your free account:

The Class key is: G95678E73 [Note: if you already have a Nicenet Username/Password, use it first to sign on, then click CLASSES JOIN and enter the class key]

3. Then click JOIN THE CLASS and create your username and password.

4. When finished it will take you to the class: EarthDay KidCast for Peace Digital Storytelling Sign on with your Nicenet Username/Password and go
to Conferencing

5. Select Topic "Start Here For Introduction" and then topic "KidCast for
Peace; Earth Day 2005 Videoconference/Art Show" for details of the current

Please connect to our KidCast Central Video Chat Room on the iVisit Multipoint Conference Server using iVisit software. For information on Time Zones and Time Translation, go HERE so you can hook up at the announced time of our KidCast Central broadcast.

KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World" is a project of

Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services (501c3)

produced as a public service and labor of love by Peter H. Rosen. Please offer your economic support to this project? Send your tax deductable donations to:

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