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We are ever grateful for those in support of "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For A Better World"

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HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION. To jump to human rights course syllabi click here. Artists Against Racism. Artists Against Racism is a... - size 24K - 7-Jan-98 - English - Translate

2. No Title

Month Home][Global SchoolNet Home] [Global Schoolhouse Home] [Index] [Search the Archives] CUSEEME> Join Us for our Earthday KidCast for Peace -... - size 4K - 24-Apr-97 - English - Translate


LINKS  PAGE------- Friends and Interests. - - THE EUROPEAN CYBER GALLERY OF MODERN ART. - --Glisco Visions-- CYBERSAYERS.... - size 10K - 13-Dec-97 - English - Translate

4. Global Schoolhouse

Month Home][Global SchoolNet Home] [Global Schoolhouse Home] [Index] [Search the Archives] CUSEEME> KidCast For Peace: Children to hold Court in... - size 9K - 18-Mar-97 - English - Translate

5. Bookmarks for Marvin Bratt

Bookmarks. Apple Hardware and Software Resellers Macintosh Publications Multimedia Software Developers Support and Information Ohio State Coursework Kids.. - size 30K - 12-Oct-97 - English - Translate

6. CU-SEEME-Schools Archive: CUSEEME> (7/3) Creativity Cafe@Marin County Fair

Home] [Back to Message Index] Global SchoolNet - Automated Message Archive. CUSEEME> (7/3) Creativity Cafe@Marin County Fair -KidCast Press Release.... - size 6K - 11-Mar-97 - English - Translate

7. Peace in general

Peace and disarmament: Peace in general. General resources. Directories. International peace and security on-line database (Social Science Research... - size 10K - 27-Jan-98 - English - Translate

8. Scoop Cybersleuth's Internet Guide - Pen Pals

Pen Pals -- Jumbo --Penpals, chat rooms and lots of content for kids. FreeZone --Easy to use chat rooms on the Internet. SpeakOut! --Worldwide forum for... - size 2K - 5-Jun-97 - English - Translate

9. Media in Research: Final Project

Media in Research Final Project. PART 1 - Introduction. To start your final project you need to find a partner and evaluate the 3 Judi Harris projects... - size 4K - 19-Jul-96 - English - Translate

10. Celebrate WORLD PEACE 2000

New Year's Day 2000 has been declared WORLD PEACE DAY. The World Peace 2000 Network is a loose association of individuals and organizations working - size 22K - 6-Jan-98 - English - Translate

Creativity Cafe KidCast Hotlinks from past events.
Try putting this into your Altavista search engine: link: and discover many more KidCast supporters we don't know about, or who are in the process of participating like Richard Diaz of creating his work in progress!