Rainbox 1.2 - Rainbox "psychedelic" paint program

rainbox-1.2.sea.hqx 128 K

Rainbox 1.2 - @ 97K  is a
"psychedelic" paint program. It uses
palette animation to make your
drawings appear as if they're
moving. To run Rainbox you must
have a monitor capable of displaying
256 colors. Rainbox is free. The
program is mostly self-explanatory.
Choose a shape; click and drag it
around the screen. Choose a toy, and
click to place it. For lines and
spirals, click and drag to size the
toy. The Line and Spiral1 toys use
the current shape and effect. For
example, selecting the star shape
and then drawing a Spiral1 will
draw a spirally star. The other toys
are unaffected. Hold down shift to
constrain movement to 45 angles.
Everyone will love it! You can make
cool art even if you are "artistically

Drawings made with the above program are great in 3-D with Creativity Cafe's Chromatek(R) glasses included in our "KidCast For Peace" Interactivity Kit, available soon. Please inquire! What's really nice is that when you open a saved Rainbox animation, the image redraws layer by layer in the oder you applied the differnt brushes.