Creativity Cafe's "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World"

was created by Nikolai; Age 9
[kc9 Winner Nikolai, Age 9]
who attended our Maui KidCast For Peace Earth Day Party April 22, on the grounds of Maui Community College as part of the Sierra Club's Earth Day Celebration.

Other winners and runners up on Maui have all received ChromaDepth 3D glasses. Send a SASE for your FREE 3D Glasses (address on homepage).

THEY ARE: Heather, 35 Kevin, 10 Kekoa, 8 Carmel, 10 Jordan, 9 Katrina, 13 Mukoa, 6 Israel, 6 Deanna, 11 Mikaela, 12

We thank the Maui KidCast Crew:
Jason Schwartz, Three Singing Eagles, Melinda Gone, Peter H. Rosen, Tina Honecker, Gloria Millet and the Sierra Club without whom the show could not have gone on! Video coverage for the Maui Artists' Showcase provided by Jason Schwartz.