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KidCast #15

Read our Press Release, and now that's we've done it, read about what happened in the KidCast News Group and via the links below:

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Solutions offered in the KidCast for Peace Area of Creativity Cafe's Community Forum

Assessment of Creativity Cafe's KidCast for Peace # 15 and 16

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   Visit our written solutions repository. Read an assessment of KidCast for PEACE by KidCast Coordinator, Peter Rosen.

The idea is to make some art, post it on a KidCast "Solution for A Better World" Web site you build (or on one of our servers) so we can present it and you, to an audience of concerned people helping to evolve our world from war to peace.

We are seeking donations to underwrite this project. Please click the Donate link to contribute to creating positive media and experiences for young minds. Plant your seed for peace by hosting a node where you live or work. Just join our KidCast for Peace Mailing List to be updated.

Use the links on the side menu to get more details!

Visit the KidCast for Peace Coordination Center and join the Mailing List to Participate in KidCast for Peace and Other Creativity Cafe Events!

Past sponsors of KidCast for Peace

KidCast Peace Coin

We thank some of the current 2004-5 sponsors & supporters of this Year's KidCast for Peace:

  • Local Maui Support from Companies and Individuals
  • Celebrations of Life
  • Curious Labs for software support
  • Union VJ Software by Livid Performance Technologies; a great Video Disk Jocky tool
  • supporing web access
  • to enable a database for KidCast For Peace submissions
  • Greg Jalbert - Imaja Software - web design and support
  • Haxial Software for web conferencing tool for future KidCast inter-activities
  • iVisit Software for our video conference solution
  • Mark of the Unicorn for their continued support with audio treatment software for our TV show and for teaching kids about the music recording process
  • Aloha Shares for their donation of a PC to enable Talking Communities KidCast Office Access
  • Inspiration Software - We can't recommend this software highly enough! It is Creativity Cafe Core Technology
  • BBEdit Software
  • Captain FTP Software
  • American Institute of Urban Psychological Studies
  • Colene Riffo - Ceeds of Life Enterprises
  • Peter H. Rosen; What one man can do!
  • V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media producer of KidCast for Peace

  • You might like to learn about some of these peace, education and children related resources:

  • Through the power of storytelling, Streetside values and cultivates young people's voices, fostering educational equity and building community, literacy and arts skills.
  • Online "Global Kids" International Film Festival
  • Peace Tour in a Mobile Educational "Theater of the Future"
  • IHTEC is dedicated to developing Global Sustainability Education programs that educate young people through "Tourism as a Vital Force for Peace"
  • World Summit on Media for Children

  • We are delighted to have been selected as a Youth Media Exchange core project that will allow us to offer unlimited server space to young people creating digital Stories and other expressions. Those resources will be packaged and marketed for the benefit of all. KidCast for Peace is a sample of the programs and services planned for Creativity Cafe®. Explore our Vision of a New Multimedia School and Networking Center!

    Copy this code to put the KidCast Coin Logo on your official KidCast SOLUTION submission web page and link back to KidCast Central:

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