KidCast for Peace: a project of VARIOUS and

During our 1-2 hour focused and moderated multicast, we will be using
iVisit Conferencing tool to coordinate participatants on ALL Platforms.

Here is how to log on to the PUBLIC Video Confernece and Chat Room:

1. Register and download the iVisit software

2. Login to iVisit and test your audio and video with the helpers. To find the helpers, open the directory window and...
       before you do anything else, click on the world icon that says, then click on "Welcome" and then "Help Desk".

3.The helpers will assist with audio and video questions.

4. Do a fresh login,  click places (not people) in the Directory Window.

5. Click the GLOBE ICON



8. Click KidCast4Peace

9.  Click on chat room, click on join this room open the "Guest List" from TOOLS menu and click on the little participant windows to make them big

If you have never used iVisit before, read these instructions!

If you want to participate, please note our our SCHEDULE for this year's KidCast for Peace which also shows participants as of this writing.

NOTE: once you are in the KidCast Central PUBLIC video conference, you will be directed to the PRIVATE KidCast for Peace Video Conference on the SCHOOL iVisit Server. The instructions will be given in the Text Chat window.

You will need a second SCHOOL SERVER ACCOUNT. Only those KidCast Nodes that have pre-registered will be given that information. If you don't have an iVisit School Server Account by April 20 at 18:00:00 GMT, it will be too late to participate in the private and protected conference. But you are still welcome to participate and intereact in the PUBLIC KidCast Video Conference.


This is a grand experiment, thanks for participating!

For Schools who want to join this year's special event:

Please register your class/school in the
Nicenet Virtual Classroom set up to support KidCast for Peace and have a look around. There you can share Solutions offered in Power Point and other visual media - with live audio interaction.

The KidCast Central moderator will indicate if and when KidCast participants will go there from the iVisit KidCast Central Public server. Each participating node will have the ability to display web sites and URLs to those interacting via text chat and crystal clear audio! The schedule for Talking Communities will be in the Nicenet KidCast for Peace Virtual Classroom.
Click the Nicenet link as instructed here to join us (we will still be using iVisit)

Here is a shortcut to make it easier.
Where the form below asks for room, put in this: kcfpearthday

then use the password you were sent by the moderator. If you did not receive a password click the previous link.

To enter the Room:

Name:  Password: 

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