KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World #14

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Solutions offered by attendees of the closing 11 Days of Unity event

September 21, 2004

to view the solutions on this page you will need to use the free software.

these folks offers solutions
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Directions: Macintosh

In your web browser: place cursor over the desired link. Hold the CONTROL key down and click the link. Choose "SAVE LINKED FILE AS..."(use default name)

Save the file in a folder on your computer. Don't append any new suffix (MACOS X).

Open the free iVisit software. Under iVisit file menu, select "PLAY FILE" and navigate to where you saved the file.

"HIGHLIGHT AND OPEN" the file. It should play as it was recorded with all open iVisit image windows that were open during the recording and sound.

Directions: Windows-PC

In your web browser:

place cursor over desired link. Right click the mouse. Select "SAVE TARGET AS..." and save file.

OPEN IVISIT. Under the file menu, select PLAY FILE. Navigate to where you saved the file and

HIGHLIGHT and OPEN the file.


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