KidCast for Peace Documentation
Earth Day Happening; April 22, 2004!

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Burning Embers Put Out By Someone Passing by!
Click image for his Art Performance Expo Video
Colene Riffo @ Kulaks Woodshed
North Hollywood, California
Live Streamed Performances
Here are some other KCFP#13 Resources
submitted by V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Member Apple Pi facilitating Thailand participation:
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Other clips streamed from Kulaks Woodshed...
as Projected at KidCast Central (Kihei High School)

KidCast for Peace; Solutions for a Better World and Creativity Cafe; "New School for a New Millennium" Founder, Peter Rosen, speaks about the project. KidCast for Peace both at Hawaii HiTech Expo was sponsored by Time Warner and Pacific News. We thank Paul Hugel of No Ka Oi foundation for additional support.

For information about this event, please go to our press room for KidCast #12 and look around. Feel free to make yourself right at home here at