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Date: Monday, April 19, 2004
Topic: 4/5/04 iVisit KC13 Chat with Chinese Gal

iVisit chat with Sally in China 04/05/04


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Welcome to iVisit :-)

KidCastCentral: now you can see me, yes?
KidCastCentral: how is that?
KidCastCentral: hello
sallywh: I can see you now
sallywh: my name is sally and you ?
KidCastCentral: are you a student sally
sallywh: hawaii is very beautiful place like my hometown
KidCastCentral: Are you an artist?
sallywh: I will graduate from the uni
sallywh: a common girl from china :)
KidCastCentral: not so common, you know how to do computer tricks
KidCastCentral: :-)
KidCastCentral: good for you!!!!
sallywh: it means nice to meet you by ivist , you know it is very exciting with a long distance
KidCastCentral: What do you think we can do to make the world better?
KidCastCentral: Can you draw a picture of what you think?
sallywh: let people get rid of the poverty
KidCastCentral: thats a good response
sallywh: I often see the children from Africa ,who have a bad living environment
KidCastCentral: I would also say that rich people need to give more to those in need, until there are no more rich or poor.
sallywh: by tv
KidCastCentral: African's are hurting, but what would need to happen for that to change?
sallywh: if they have the money ,they may go to school so that they can have a good future to help others
KidCastCentral: So maybe the rich people could guarantee that every child gets a good education
sallywh: at first they need help themsleves
KidCastCentral: Their are lots of companies that donate to charity for that purpose, rich folks too.
KidCastCentral: Yes, feed themselves, and that begins with self respect
KidCastCentral: If you think like a poor person, you are one
sallywh: yes , what time is it in hawaii
sallywh: in china it is 3:00pm
KidCastCentral: Since this project is about art and these kids of idea's maybe you could make an image that describes our conversation?
KidCastCentral: Here is is 9PM
KidCastCentral: it is still april 5th
KidCastCentral: it must be april 6th whre you are
sallywh: it is onApril 6
KidCastCentral: do you have a scanner
KidCastCentral: ?
sallywh: in china there are many families which are poor so that their children can't go to school
sallywh: sorry
KidCastCentral: I will be here tomorrow at a trade show of technology people. We are demostrating how this technology could be used for the good of the global community.
sallywh: but the government give them a help for their studying in these years
KidCastCentral: Yes I know it is hard for you... you seem very nice and living in a nice place?
sallywh: no
KidCastCentral: What is your favorite thing to do
sallywh: i am a very common girl
KidCastCentral: you are not living in a tent, so it could be worse
sallywh: I like learning english
KidCastCentral: how old are you?
sallywh: you are right , otherwise I can't talk to you by ivist
sallywh: you guess ?
KidCastCentral: 16
sallywh: I bought some spare parts and pieced them together
sallywh: my brother made the pc
KidCastCentral: see, you are smart. have you heard of the indigo children
sallywh: it is cheaper
KidCastCentral: you and your brother are very special, I am glad to meet you
sallywh: nice to meet you ,too
sallywh: just because few chinese come here
sallywh: how old are you ?
KidCastCentral: where are you. I didn't quite understand when you told me??
KidCastCentral: 57 on Sunday, Easter april 11
sallywh: you are rich ,because you are using a mac
sallywh: I am 27
sallywh: I wanna ask you the same question
KidCastCentral: I am a physically challanged person and don't work. I am an artist. I don't like what america is doing in the world and have dedicated my life to peace
sallywh: I am talking to my mum
KidCastCentral: can I have a word with her?
sallywh: she have gone out
KidCastCentral: I was wrong about your age then, by 10 years! lol
sallywh: I am sorry
KidCastCentral: ok
sallywh: for shopping
sallywh: see my mum nextt ime
KidCastCentral: what is your favorite thing to do, that you love
sallywh: and you ?
KidCastCentral: and me what?
sallywh: your favourite thing
KidCastCentral: making music
KidCastCentral: what about your favorite thing?
sallywh: i am seeing the website from kidcast
sallywh: great!
sallywh: I hope I can learnenglish well
KidCastCentral: great! I hope you can understand it. I would like some feedback from you. What would make what we are doing more clear. you are learning english very well!
sallywh: I can do international business int he future
KidCastCentral: That will be a good thing to know about for sure. The world is getting smaller every day!
KidCastCentral: but can you make some art for our project?
sallywh: have you heard the song :hearld the earth from michael jackson of usa
KidCastCentral: no
KidCastCentral: hum a few bars
sallywh: I are not good at drawing
sallywh: the song is very nice
sallywh: it is suitable to kidcast's theme
KidCastCentral: you can do a collage, from photos on the net or in magazines
KidCastCentral: let me show you one
KidCastCentral: I forgot I took the drawings to the trade show for tomorrow
KidCastCentral: here is where to see what people have submitted on our web site:
KidCastCentral: I am revising the site all this week to get ready for Earth Day
sallywh: when is Earth Day
KidCastCentral: April 22
KidCastCentral: can you join us
KidCastCentral: what time will it be when its 8am here in Hawaii?
sallywh: it is my pleasure
KidCastCentral: thank you
sallywh: but i DON'T KNOW what i can do for you
KidCastCentral: it would be wonderful to have you join us then...we have to figure out a good time
KidCastCentral: just respond with your feelings and thoughts, just like now
sallywh: in china it is 2 am
sallywh: I am afraid i can't get up lol
KidCastCentral: Flash a peace symbol or something....
KidCastCentral: what would be a time in your country when you could be available?
KidCastCentral: what is your town?
KidCastCentral: i am looking up a time zone map
sallywh: on Earth day :4.22
sallywh: qingdao
KidCastCentral: is that near
Qiqihar, China
sallywh: honestly , I am not familiar with kidcast , because i think my english is not good enough
sallywh: but if I can help me , it is my pleasure
KidCastCentral: Look at the pictures at the URL I sent you to get the idea:
sallywh: tsingtao
KidCastCentral: Latitude:
36° 04'

120° 22'
KidCastCentral: will you be home on April 22, 3pm your time?
sallywh: it is the same time with peking
KidCastCentral: I will be in this room to meet you again at 9pm the day before to test the network. If you just show up, that would be all you need to do
KidCastCentral: Zhong Guo
sallywh: yes
sallywh: you mean on april 22?
KidCastCentral: yes
KidCastCentral: can you go to this site now:
sallywh: at that day what can I see
KidCastCentral: other people and children in schools, or actually, you won't see that until the middle of the night
KidCastCentral: we are gathering beginning on April 22, at 8am maui time
KidCastCentral: 11am California time,
KidCastCentral: 2pm new york time, etc.
KidCastCentral: but I need you to tell me from the list of places at the URL above, what is close to you?
KidCastCentral: please, can you go now to this web site
KidCastCentral: and in the world clock meeting planner, there is a place to pick 4 cities,
KidCastCentral: which would be near you?
sallywh: I am doing it
KidCastCentral: thanks
sallywh: I am sorry I take your time
KidCastCentral: not a problem
KidCastCentral: try the list on this page:
sallywh: I am near peking
KidCastCentral: peking is not listed
KidCastCentral: click the link above. There are many cities listed. Which is close to yours or Peking?
sallywh: you may find hongkong
KidCastCentral: yes in hong kong at 8am on April 22, it will be 2am on April 23rd!
KidCastCentral: you will be fast asleep!
KidCastCentral: what do you like to do on the computer, chat with iVisit and what else?
sallywh: learning english
sallywh: no sex
sallywh: sometimes I always meet some naked men
KidCastCentral: there yes, sex is very powerful
sallywh: the time on April 22 what I said to you just nowis very correct
KidCastCentral: what do you do when you see the naked men?
sallywh: brb
KidCastCentral: ok
KidCastCentral: I went out for a moment and I too, will brb
sallywh: if you are such a man , I will refuse talking to you
KidCastCentral: thats cool, I am not
KidCastCentral: How do you kick someone out of a room, have you done it
sallywh: I will block them with right button :)
KidCastCentral: I think I found out?
KidCastCentral: right button on your mouse?
KidCastCentral: using the address book?
sallywh: if you do it , I will
sallywh: your ivist ID?
KidCastCentral: I don't understand. if you do it, if I do what?
sallywh: I must go
sallywh: bye
KidCastCentral: bye
sallywh: nice to talk to you
sallywh: bye
*** sallywh has been removed by KidCastCentral ***



Date: April 5, 2004
Topic: Testing and Set up for Hawaii Internet and Hi Tech Expo

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