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History of KidCast

There have been over 12 KidCast events over the last several years. Members of V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media are developing Creativity Cafe's KidCast for Peace to become an educational Core Curriculum activity to be featured at Creativity Cafes and other affiliated schools and gathering places. This project is designed to nurture creativity in everyone; especially K12 kids, youth, and more seasoned individuals of any age - with technology experience or not.

Why KidCast Exists

The world needs an infusion of new ideas and loving connections to defuse the downward spiral of destructive human interactions. KidCast For Peace is part of the heart of a developing network of physical Creativity Cafe's, other "New Schools" and evolutionary organizations being drawn toward cooperative activites. This live and interactive global community forum enables US ALL to suggest how we might heal our differences, hear our needs and feed our spirit as a united Humanity. KidCast for Peace taps into the primal creative force so we might listen to possible solutions to personal and planetary problems offered by "kids" from their more "untainted" point of view.

Please accept this invitation to offer your Solutions for a Better World. KidCast (kids broadcast) is designed to promote education that fosters VALUES for sustainable solutions using creative multimedia. The awared winnning KidCast for Peace is a successful catalyst for ongoing environmental education, action and change. Students learn about other cultures and are exposed to Digital Storytelling tools.

Inter-activities provide points of entry that encourage individuals and communities to focus on their local environmental issues and their causes. Creativity Cafe has selected this year's topic to provide education about the sustainability of water, while increasing our understanding of personal stewardship and global community collaboration.