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Kid's Visions of Peace Featured on the Information Superhighway

San Francisco-(May 27,1995) Though they won't be able to smell it, children around the world will be able to see, touch and almost taste the art work they share on behalf of the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations.

For the first time worldwide, children will be exchanging their visions of peace on the World Wide Web; their artwork serving as a catalyst for group interaction with local and global audiences. This live and online gathering at the Children's World Peace Festival will take place on June 24th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. It will occur locally in Sausalito (at East Fort Baker), and globally from Belfast to Beijing.

Children from nations of conflict have been invited by the Creativity Cafe(tm), spearheaded by artist Peter H. Rosen, to express their visions of peace using CU-SeeMe video conferencing software. This children's simulcast organized at internet cafe's worldwide, demonstrates grassroots interconnection through multimedia computer technology.

Anyone with a high bandwidth Internet connection and video capable computer, can use Cornell University's CU-SeeMe software (anonymous ftp to: on the Internet), to interactively join in the "broadcast."

"As children visualize their dreams of a friendlier planet", said Rosen. "Our world will take one small step towards stability, and another leap towards peace." Rosen, producer of the event, was an organizer of the Creative Computer Exhibit at the California Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles, and is planning a permanent Creativity Cafe for San Francisco. According to Mr. Rosen, "Our intention is to provide neighborhood access to technology and to facilitate the public's creative expression."

Several community organizations will be participating, including Glide Memorial's "Computers and You" program, and East Palo Alto's "Plugged In," both providing computer access to minorities and the underprivileged. Teachers and multimedia instructors at the Creativity Cafe and other CU-SeeMe sites, will help youngsters put their artwork and digital compositions online. Bring your visions of peace! For more information contact Creativity Cafe at (415) 776-0821 or by email at:
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Special thanks to those contributing to our KidCast:

Adobe Systems, Inc.
Xaos Tools, Inc.
Equilibrium Software
Inspriation Software
FWB, Inc.; Jim Nelson
Michael Hauser; Woodwind Consulting
BPS Reprographics; Herb Lieberman, Angela Greene,
San Francisco State University Multimedia Program
The Well
Reed Fossey
David Lionel
Alan Barksy
Arthur Young
Bob Aires; At Last Saturdays
David Dei; CyberSafari
Ed "Jorel" Elkin
Fen Labalme - CoMedia Consulting
Gail E. Hicks
Greg Jalbert; Imaja Software
Henry Dakin
Jack Bowers
Jeffrey Reis
Marilyn Kissinger
Marvin A. Rosen
Mimi O'Connor
Miriam L. Sands; Fairly Guardmother Enterprises(tm)
Muki Izora; Plugged In
Peter Gamache
Trinka Marris; R.E. Snader and Associates
Robert Gellman; BG & Associates
Sirius Communications;
Willard Van De Bogart; Portal Market

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