Interactive CyberArt Gallery Breaks All Boundries

1995 Creativity Cafe Events
at the San Francisco Digital Media Center

featuring the

Special thanks to SIRIUS Communications for providing the CU-SeeMe reflector, available only during our broadcasts on the dates below. Check out the Creativity Cafe Web site a day or two before each show for the IP address.

Performance Dates

Sat.-Sept. 30, Fri.-Oct. 13, Sat.-Oct. 28, Sat.-Nov.11

San Francisco--(Sept 11,1995) Experience the latest creative tools and meet those that use them on Saturday, Sept. 30, 1995 in this first of a series of four innovative "living Gallery" events. Join folks at home and around the world using CU-SeeMe video conferencing software on the Internet to participate with artists and audiences in Cyber Space, and on-site in the Creativity Cafˇ(TM); a networking salon and revolutionary "New School for the Next Millennium," hosted by the San Francisco Digital Media Center-- located at 3435 Cesar Chavez Blvd. (corner of Valencia), suite 222.

Starting at 6 pm. with an informal musical jam (bring instruments and voices), traditional and multimedia artists and performers will present large-screen projections of computer graphics, videos, slides and more. At 7 pm., the V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink Artists' Showcase invites everyone to participate by sharing questions, impressions, feeling and information while the artists present their work. Afterwards, people are encouraged to mingle, share art they've brought, and get to know one and other better in an atmosphere where, "strangers are just friends...who haven't yet met."

"This is a great time in history. The most inspired and visionary artists are coming together to use the marriage of art and technology to build a better world," say's artist/coordinator Peter H. Rosen. "We are very proud of the companies that support our work,"...referring to supporters that include FWB, Fractal Design, Snader and Associates, Macromedia and others. Rosen has produced interactive art shows since 1980 and has been developing Creativity Cafˇ since that time to use cutting edge tools to "transform global and personal problems into new friends and business relationships." Todays social and technological environment is finally catching up to his vision.

Traditional and digital artists bringing portfolios, and musicians bringing instruments they play, receive a $5 discount. Bring slides, videos, photographs, digital images and animation's for large screen presentation. To be one of the featured artists, call 415-776-0821, or email: For more information set your Web browser to:

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