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Creativity Cafe ¨ is a planned "New School for the Next Millennium" community entertainment venue, gathering place, and communications center featuring computer access to the Internet, desktop video/audio/animation software, and a facilitated networking salon for introducing people to the resources they need to succeed or be happier, healthier humans.

Featuring a "living gallery" for traditional and cyber-artists, Creativity Cafe will provide an environment for those comfortable with cyberspace, Cultural Creatives, as well as the uninformed public seeking knowledge, resources, education and entertainment. Have fun or get work done.

A Sensorium of the Future to both share art and create it. Creativity Cafe becomes a lens through which community energy can be focused for inspiration, education and healing. A place to liberate our creative energies, when artists and creative people gather, hang out, and through facilitated networking, meet each other for financial and social benefit. A physical place and a Cyber Space. (We operate CREATIVITY.NET and CREATIVTY.COM).

By taking advantage of new communication technologies, we realize Humankind now has the opportunity and ability to communicate our highest potential. Our world is shrinking and stinking. It is time to inspire and liberate the creative spirit/potential in the masses - through television and computer communication networks. Creativity Cafe is empowering those answering the cry for media with MEANINGFUL CONTENT!

Please find out more about this unique opportunity to be associated with other individuals committed to making a difference. You know the power of the media! With the establishment of these creative peoples "hang outs" and the opportunity to mold the new myths, storytellers of the future will gather to find collaborators in the production of new entertainment...educational entertainment. Venues to create and present it, such as Creativity Cafe--a multimedia educational entertainment emporium--will proliferate rapidly as electronic cinema (eCinema) proliferates.

We are setting in place, this prototype community synergy and resource center...to accelerate pro-active responses to the emergency situation now becoming daily issues in all of our lives. Our desire is to stimulate response on local grass roots levels. We invite community members and leaders in our community, to see this facility as an opportunity to draw out the best of ourselves in an innovative entertainment and communications arena...

Creativity Cafe Consortium members provide a venue for creatives and visionaries to put their talents to global use in these dynamic days of change. Our Creativity Cafe-For_ A-Day events serve to assist creative people to exhibit, perform and market their work. We become a lens focusing a life affirming and inspirational message through positive media and experiences. We believe that you can turn things around with YOUR CREATIVE POWERS. As an Internet site, we are becoming part of the grassroots broadcast network. Please join our mailing list to get in on the unfolding opportunities for expression and compensation.

Affiliation with Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services and Creativity Cafe offers you the opportunity to help create the first expression of what will become a new forum for community interaction and healing. YOU can help to marry your talents with global needs to provide commercial edutainment - doing what you love to do. Find out how to participate in presenting your art! Just Ask!

We invite you to be a integral part of CCs (Creativity Cafe) everywhere there are creative people. If you feel you have a similar sense of what is needed now, let us know about yourself and your projects. We love to have kindred spirits drop us a line

By adding your name to the growing list of CC supporters , your area of expertise will help strengthen our design, presentation, and implementation teams busy creating the meeting ground for the new millennium.

Association with this project (22 years in the making), will demonstrate your commitment to help heal our planet and its peoples. Knowing of your personal concern in matters of global importance, we can think of no one better to invite to be part of our inner circle than those of you who have read this far! (smile)

The implications of a network of "Creativity Cafes" featuring state-of-the-art communication technologies to promote healing, creativity and economic success for creative people is staggering. We ask that you respond to this brief overview with your creativity and inspired heart. If you feel that Creativity Cafe is a project that excites you, we welcome your participation. We are moving very fast. Our call is for your participation in whatever form suits you - where ever you are. Please contact us.

Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services "Arts for Social Change" awards were first produced in 1989. Our "KidCast For Peace; Solutions For a Better World" project in April on Earth Day is when we accept submissions for the Awards.

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