Saturday, September 30, 1995 6pm

Creativity Cafe for a Day

at the San Francisco Digital Media Center

featuring the

We are glad you have chosen to join us in this demonstration of Creativity Cafe; a "New School for the Next Millennium"
We wish to thank one of this evenings sponsors.

Our purpose is to bring into existence a place for artists and the public to gather, and to create with the latest technological tools, various media for improving communication, education, personal growth, self expression and financial freedom.

The V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink Artists Showcase and Networking event is a high tech/no tech interactive art salon and "Living Gallery." You are invited to celebrate and interact with artists and those who love art in an informal, supportive atmosphere.

Digital and traditional artists and performers will share their work. You are encouraged to participate by sharing impressions, feeling, questions and information during the large-screen interactive presentations and performances. Afterwards, we encourage you to mingle and get to know one another better in an atmosphere where "Strangers, are just friends who haven't yet met."

This participatory theater experience is billed as the "Premiere Networking Event For Creative People." It originated in Los Angeles in 1980, and since then, over 180 events have brought people together in New York, Hawaii, Amsterdam, Gratz (Austria) and in San Francisco.

We hope you enjoy tonight's presentation; one of the many forms of unique interactive entertainment you can experience at Creativity Cafe; a New School for the New Millennium.

Creativity Cafe Entertainment Dejure

As a special part of tonight's program, we will be videocasting on the Internet via CU-SeeMe videoconferencing software.

Special thanks to Sirius Communications, Henry Dakin and Peter H. Rosen who produces CCafe edutainment on behalf of nonprofit Visionary Artists Resources Including Other Unique Services (V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media)

Tonight's Menu

Pre Show entertainment: 6pm An open jam session featuring Shiloh Bones and Born of Friendship Projected art brought in by the audience....

Featured Showcase Artists: 7pm Please contact them directly regarding their work

  • ***Barbara Lee*** art that is planted firmly within social discourse. She digests multiple points of view surrounding a topic and regurgitates digital works designed to excite either internal or external discussion. Barbara uses several digital tools from programmable logic controllers to a variety of programs as a Web Site Designer, Independent Video Maker, and Multi-sensory Atmospheric Installation artist.,

  • ***Woody Parker*** musician, toolmaker, functional metal sculptor, engineer, Newtonian master, etc. Enjoy fresh squeezed juice prepared by his recycled inventions.,

  • ***Dan Kottkee*** a former engineer with Apple Computer, actually the first employee, back in 1976. He is currently working on the lucid dream induction mask, a smart house custom processor (the "neuron") for Echelon Inc., and the Magic Link PDA by General Magic. He created a low-cost wireless polling/audience response system for classrooms and focus groups, and eventually for auditoriums. At the show, you can play with his various Cyberlights; small programmable LED message displays that can be worn like jewelry:

  • ***Greg Jalbert*** Greg is a founding member of Creativity Cafe. He is a programmer-artist-musician-entrepreneur, etc. and creator of a line of educational and entertainment software (including popular Bliss Paint). Greg will be performing some special tricks to facilitate a cooperative musical experience:,

  • ***Swami Futurama*** a special guest appearance...the swami will come back from deep within the transpersonal realms of cyberspace, to offer humorous guidance for safely traveling the InfoBahn... Remember, before long we will be so confused by all the technological changes and social revolutions, that we won't know an on-ramp from an off-ramp! Get a grip! If it all gets to overwhelming, you can always try a good Conscious Evolution Adventure:,

  • ***Betsy Anne Kawamura*** ballet dancer, photographer and performance artist. Betsy will present choreography accompanied by healing chants and alchemical ritual. Get ready for altered states:

    Many of the people involved with Creativity Cafe, share a mutual vision of an international network of artists cooperating to use their art as vehicles for healing, and for planetary and personal transformation...What began as a way for artists and audiences to get together in a new way that simply hadn't been done before, has now become the seed for a multimedia nightclub of the '90s. Thank you for being with us and your willingness to...

    Participate in Presenting Your Art! MANY THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING SUPPORTERS OF THE ARTS without whom, this presentation would not be possible: Henry Dakin, Sirius Communications, Equilibrium, Macromedia, FWB Hammer, BPS Reprographics, Fractal Design, Snader & Associates, Marvin Rosen, Joe Lambert, Miriam Sands, Ed Elkin, Greg Jalbert, Michael Hauser, Fen Labalme, Jorel, Colleen Fernald, Rowan Thompson, Marcia Kimmell, Cara Ucci, Zooop, Jim Karnstedt, Ed Severinghaus, Reid Fossy, Victor Harwood, the Maui family, and so many others whose words of support fueled the fires of perseverance.

    --------------------------Back cover---------------------------

    V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink is a production of Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique Services founded by artists using technology for a better world

    and Creativity Cafe; "New School for the Next Millennium" a CyberPlay Space & Networking Salon

    Producer/Coordinator - Peter H. Rosen
    Promotion by Peter Rosen and Ed Elkin
    Computer Graphics - Peter Rosen,
    Tech Support - Greg Jalbert, Reid Fossey,, Rowan Thompson
    Hospitality - SF Digital Media Center, Colleen Fernald, Zooop
    Massage - Jana Hutcheson - 415.647.7517
    Program design - Greg Jalbert

    Please fill in this questionnaire so we can improve our show and our service. Return tonight or by mail. Fill in your name for our mailing list, indicating if you want to present your art in an upcoming showcase. Thank you.

    How did you hear of this event?
    What did you like about it the most?
    What didn't you like?
    How would you make it better?
    If you are an artist, may we call you to participate in future showcases?
    Would you like more information about Creativity Cafe?
    Are you available to volunteer in the following areas (check all that apply): Fundraising, publicity, promotion, computer (Macintosh), graphic design, show time help?
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    We hope you've enjoyed tonight's presentation. Please plan now to attend and/or participate in one of our next V.A.R.I.O.U.S. Media Ink Visionary Artists Showcase and Networking events at Creativity Cafe on Friday, Oct. 13, Sat Oct. 28 and Nov. 11. Same time, same place.

    May your life be blessed with exuberant self expression, peace and love..... For further information call or contact: Creativity Cafe

    In 1980, Visionary Artists' Resources Including Other Unique Services was founded by artist serving the community, to establish an Artists Resource Center; a facility to provide opportunities for artists and audiences to gather, to exhibit, to discuss, and to enjoy all forms of traditional and digital creative expression. This center, now called Creativity Cafe will be replicated in communities all over the world, interconnected via the latest telecommunication technologies, to enable global audiences to enjoy and participate in interactive entertainment and educational experiences.

    Creativity Cafe is many things; a cyber play space, a networking salon for artists to create and market their work, a community resource and synergy center, and a magnet attracting the most visionary and creative individuals to cooperate, regardless of geographical location in using the marriage of art, and state-of-the-art technology to help solve the personal and planetary problems facing us in these dramatic days of change. The Creativity Cafe goes beyond being an amusement or entertainment center, it will truly be a "New School for the Next Millennium."

    New technology and new self awareness necessitate changes in the way we relate to each other; personally, economically and socially. The Creativity Cafe will serve as an educational entertainment emporium offering indigenous communities, a gathering and communication center dedicated to helping people cope with new paradigms of thought and the technological shifts rapidly changing our world. Creativity Cafe is a venue for having fun or getting work done. It currently exists in cyber space and soon, as a physical place.